My Top 5 Celebrities to Wife Up

So, we’re going to try this new thing here at TMC. We come up with a debatable category, and each blogger will give his/her opinion or list or selection on whatever the subject is. Gorhammer started this thing off with his Top 5 Celebrities to Wife Up. If you want to give your list, please tweet us at @TouchMyCulture using the hashtag #TMCtop5. And if you have a category you want us to discuss, feel free to share. So without further ado, here is my list of the cutest, smartest, most wifeable celebrities in the world.

5) Alex Morgan 

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Resume: USA Women’s soccer player, also featured in SI Swimsuit Edition 2013/14

Explanation: I once had the privilage of meeting Alex at the 2011 Superbowl in Indianapolis. I actually played her in FIFA. I did show who her was boss, but she put up a fight. Any woman who can play fifa is wifey material. I’m a big soccer fan, and the combination of her athleticism and attractiveness is hard to beat. She was also really down to Earth, fun, and loves to drink.


4) Nina Agdal

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Resume: Model for like everything. Often seen on sidelines of Miami Heat games.

Explanation:  She can pull off cute, sexy, hot, innocent, fun, and even the non makeup look. She’s also not afraid to say fuck the make up, and show her true colors. I love her, because she looks like a great person to take to a game. Although she’s a “heat” fan, she appears to be into the games, and knows whats going on. I also think she looks exactly like another love interest of mine….so that may be a conflict of interest with this one….

3) Cameron Diaz

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Resume: First fell in love with her: The Mask ——–>  Will never stop loving her: Bad Teacher

Explanation:  She looks so huggable at times, and so burgahable at others. She can pull off any look. She is also a zooter which is necessary in any wifey. The first time I saw her smile will be something I never forget.


2) Kate Middleton

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Resume: Future Queen

Explanation:  She has class. She has charisma. She has that walk, that smile, that voice. She is royalty. A goddess. A queen. A woman amongst girls. A classy woman amongst white trash. A woman who knows the difference between a Cabernet and a Merlot. She was born to be a queen.


1) Emma Watson 


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Resume:  From Hermoine to HerHiney

Explanation:  I’m not going to discuss anything about her Harry Potter days….as I am 21 years old. Her accent and her cute exterior is definitely just a cover up for a fiery, passionate, sexy woman. She decided to go to college regardless of her money. Not any college…..Brown University. She has repeatedly said that she doesn’t date celebrities. She loves throwing frisbee on the beach. And she smokes weed. She just seems like the perfect girl to take home to the parents, but also to take on a private vacation and have the weekend of a lifetime. Emma…please read this and consider. You beat out the Queen of your home country…that has to mean something to you!

Honorable Mentions

-Rachel McAdams

-Mila Kunis

-Blake Lively

-Emma Stone

-Vanessa Minnillo



Be sure to check tomorrow for MUSHOFALLTRADES thoughts on this highly debateable topic!


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