How Does One Get in Touch With Their Own Culture?

As you hopefully know by now…each author has a strong grip on their own identity, and their own culture in their writing.

MushOfAllTrades touches culture of all kind, but usually controversial issues in society.

M00ne loves his music culture.

HalfManHalfMook touches weird oddball news culture.

TheSecondBiggestGeach is big into college culture.

Gorhammer touches horseracing and pop culture culture.

And I like to provide insight into the cross-sex relationship culture.

These roles were never discussed, but rather developed as this blog progressed. One of my first posts was about the top 10 breakfast options. After trial and error, blog after blog, I realized that my most successful articles are the ones that I am passionate about. That is how you get in touch with your culture.

You go out and try new things. You join clubs and see if they tickle you culture. You try new foods to see if you enjoy them. You take a shot at the burgah across the bar, because who knows! Maybe she’ll be into your culture.

The first step is trying to find your culture. We started this blog without a designed format, schedule, or writing topics. We have all developed as writers, and found our culture niche.

I encourage all who read TMC, or even those who just read this blog, to try to get in touch with your own culture. Do something new. Do something your passionate about. And that is when the best results will come. That is when you’ll be happy.

TMC helped me get in touch with my culture, and I am now much more interested in writing than I ever was. I found a new passion in writing, one that I would never have realized if we didn’t try something new. I now want to pursue a career in writing, because TMC really helped my get in touch with my own culture.

If you learn anything from this blog, besides an increased your vocabulary, it’s to go out and find your passion. Find what you love to do. Get in touch with your own culture, and that’s when you’ll feel as cultural as we do here at TMC.

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