Newton North Student Punished For Spreading Democracy In China


Henry DeGroot, a senior at Newton North High School, was fortunate enough to visit a school that was close to Beijing on a semester abroad. He made a decision to write a note to Chinese student promoting democracy. Probably the most peaceful way an American has ever spread Democracy.

DeGroot recalled writing, “Democracy is for cool kids. Don’t believe the lies your school and government tell you, it’s right to rebel.” This is a very valuable message that Henry was trying to get across. Communism can turn people into a sheep and it could really change the student’s life.

Now, when the school in China found out about the note, they made Henry serve five hours of detention. Pretty reasonable since their country is an active communist country.

Newton North High School felt the need to add to that punishment (a school located in a country that is always trying to spread democracy through war) and did not allow Henry to attend prom.

But, Henry probably did the best thing somebody who can’t go to prom can do, he took his girlfriend to Five-Guys and got burgers in formal attire.

Although it may seem ridiculous, NNHS did have to take some course of action. This program they have with the Chinese school needs to continue, and the school was definitely paying attention to how it played out.


Now here’s my response to the situation:

1) Communism now is different from communism during The Cold War

Yes, I am grateful for Democracy in America, but Democracy has failed in many other countries. People may fear democracy like us Americans fear communism. The term “Communism” was the big bad scary term during the Cold War, with a similar magnitude as the word “terrorism” today. Democracy has failed before, and believe it or not, people still have happy lives in Communist countries. Democracy is great, but communism is not that scary especially in a country like China, where despite their many flaws, have still done some things to help the world during the past two centuries ( )

2) Henry DeGroot Is A Cool Kid

It was a very American move for Henry to go through with these actions in China. It took a lot of marbles to take such a risk to spread a simple message. He knows how valuable his freedom of speech is and what a travesty it is that people in China don’t have the same liberty. DeGroot stood strong, defending his free speech, and that is what makes Democracy more effective than other political system. If you’re reading DeGroot, thanks for spreading good culture.

One Comment Add yours

  1. youarentamush says:

    Hey their country, their rules…could have been worse. You aren’t old enough to remember the American kid who was caned in Singapore and likely don’t know about people who disappear in actual Communist China but then I’m certain you have no visa allowing you to have gone there. I have a feeling you have never been anywhere really or you would know better then to spin such nonsense about rights you should not take lightly.

    I realize this is an old post…came across is looking for another nonsense blog in which you say there will be no Christmas music…you would be wrong on that front too.

    Just sayin’

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