By Popular Demand, My Belmont Stakes Day Picks

I’m going to keep this quick, simple, and understandable. I’ll give my choices for the pick six ending in the Belmont Stakes. Every one of these races is a graded stakes race, which is going to make for a very cultural day. The only thing I don’t like about these 6 races is that it’s pretty hard to find value (I have a single in 3 races). The good news: The pool is going to be enormous and they’re throwing in an extra $1 million bonus into the pot. So without further ado:

6th / 7th /    8th   / 9th/ 10th/ 11th

Pick 6 starting in the 6th race: 8 / 1-5-6 / 6-9-10 / 1 / 1-6 / 2

Let me explain what this means. In the first leg (6th race), #8 is the only horse I am choosing. Slashes (/) mean the next set of numbers (with the dashes in between) are the choices for the next race. The reason I’m only posting this bet is because you can use these picks to make other bets in these races. For example, in the 7th race you can use #1, 5 and 6 in an exacta or trifecta, or pick one of them to win. Tons of options.

Once again, I’ll be at the track all day Saturday, so I’ll tweet out my other bets as I make them starting from race 1 (@withaYbry).

I leave you with the best Belmont Stakes of all time and one of the most dominant performances in sports history:

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