Proper Sheet Cleaning Etiquette: A Gray Area

So things in my bedroom were starting to smell a bit groovy today and I figured I’d throw my sheets in the laundry to solve the problem. This got me thinking… How often am I really supposed to do this? Immediately I head to Google, and everything from Martha Stewart to the nobodies on Yahoo! Answers are telling me I’m supposed to do this once a week, two weeks at the most. Like two weeks is iffy and three weeks is just plain unacceptable. Um. I’m going to open up here and tell you truthfully that I absolutely do not abide by these rules. I’m lucky if I remember to clean my sheets once a month. I can’t be the only one right? There’s no way everyone is cleaning their sheets once a week and if you tell me you do then you’re a liar, I don’t respect liars.

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  1. ed says:

    This is foul.

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