Can The Solar Roadways Idea Be Turned Into Reality?

Now here is an idea that could change our culture. Something that helps solve the biggest problems this country faces, job creation and climate change. That video explains the endless possibilities solar roadways have. But is this just going to be another viral video? Or something that is turned into reality?

Well Julie and Scott Brusaw the founders of Solar Roadways have raised more than one million dollars. Sounds great until you realize how expensive of a project we are really talking about here. According to science writer Aaron Saenz, it would take 5.6 billion panels to cover the nation’s roadways, costing 56 trillion.

It may sound like a scary investment, but an investment with high returns. The country will produce three times the amount of electricity that the US uses today. The country will be producing clean energy. The country will be creating jobs. The country can sell solar roadways to other countries, helping other countries produce clean energy.

I hope cities start to consider this culture changing idea. An idea this country needs right now. Technology is booming and should be creating jobs instead of killing them. A project like this would create many jobs ranging from all levels. A product we can build in this country.

Come on America this is a solution to many problems. It is the perfect time for a revolutionary idea like this. I know the hover board seems pretty gnarly, but this is something that can change our country.


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