Abolishment of the Word ‘Terrorism’


The word terrorism has lost it’s meaning. In fact, I could argue, that it’s meaning was never clear to begin with.

“Terrorism” ranges from Al-qeada attacks, to school shootings to anthrax scares. Yet, despite this vague meaning it has a very distinct and direct effect and those who hear the word. Fear.

The government often uses the word “terrorist” to withhold information from the American public under the guise of “national security” (wars we shouldn’t be in, breaches of the right to privacy, etc.). What’s more, the NSA uses this “terrorism” justification to hide their cyber-spying from not only the America people, but congress and the executive branch as well.

So if you hear a politician or government official use the word “terrorism” to defend his actions or to avoid the divulgence of information, repress the emotional reaction that has become instinctual. Think. Demand or research a more specific definition of what actions this person is protecting you from…you may find it is not exactly what you originally thought.

Learn more about the breaches of our personal rights and the broad use of the word “terrorism” by watching this TedTalk with hero/legend/traitor/martyr Edward Snowden.


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