New Zooter Terminology

On our lingo page, we introduced a couple of terms we like to use:

Zoots: (Noun) Marijuana

Hey mush im dry, you got any zoots? 

(Verb) Smoking zoots

My mom thinks I zoot too much, she’s probably right. 

(Noun) Zooterone who zoots. Zooted: being high

Sploife: (Noun) joint with zoots and tobacco. *Spliff pronounced with an Australian accent

Nothing like a morning sploife. 

And today we have some new terms to introduce!

Credit: @MLaredo

Espliffany: (noun) Having an epiphany when you’re zooted. Tends to happen a lot.

I had an espliffany last night: I’m gonna start putting pretzels in my PB & J’s. 

Gefliter Fish: (noun) A filter created and used by a jewish person.

This Gefilter Fish on this sploife is terrible Tackstyles….

Gerald: (noun) When the ash on the end of the sploife appears like Gerald’s hair from Hey Arnold!

Screen Shot 2014-05-15 at 10.30.44 AM

Mush its called “ash before you pass,” not “give the next guy a gerald.”

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