The Conception of TMC: The Night of the Aurora Borealis and The Waltham Police Department

Ever since becoming friends with these mushes, my variety of culture activities has vastly expanded. I used to be just about sports. I would sit on my couch every night and watch whatever game was on. Sophomore year of high school, I met MushofAllTrades. This is when my culture was expanded, one touch at a time.

I started hiking, walking, biking, sight seeing, adventuring, smoking, drinking, and chasing girls. The mushes showed me that there are better things to do at night than watch the Red Sox play the Twins.

Fast forward 4 years, and I am still friends with the most cultural people this side of the Mississippi River. Over winter break this year, we heard that the Northern Lights, otherwise known as an Aurora borealis, was going to be visible from the Boston area. That night,  a group of about 25 of us were drinking, smoking, and partying in my friends basement. At about 2am, it was time to go check it out.

Not everyone went on this excursion. As I said, 25 kids were drinking, smoking, and partying. However, the most cultural people in the room decided to go: MushOfAllTrades, HalfManHalfMook, Moone, TheSecondBiggestGeach, and I, tackstyles,  The starting 5 of TMC were the only ones at the party cultural enough to go on this adventure…naturally..

We had heard of the tallest plateau in the area, and went on our way. We parked at the bottom of the hill, got out of the car, and started hiking. Keep in mind it is 2 am, there are no lights, and the park was closed.

After about 20 minutes of aimlessly walking, the TMC starting 5 made it to the top of the mountain. We take out our 2 sploifes, whip out the handle of Gin, and are about to sit down and observe the Aurora culture when 2 bright lights blind all of us.

Cops ruin all the fun. As soon as this Waltham cop got out of his car, he called backup. He actually called back up for 5 guys that were just trying to observe a natural phenomena. He couldn’t handle this himself.

So the cop started questioning us, asking what we were doing there, how old we were, and other irrelevant questions about our backgrounds so he could try and put us down.

Cop- What the hell are you guys doing here at 230 am??

Me- Theres an Aurora Borealis tonight! Comes roughly 536 years (I made it up on the spot).

Cop- If you guys want to see that, why don’t you go to Alaska?

Me- Well thats far away, pretty expensive to get there, and we all go to college around here…


Lets just say the cop was trying to act like a tough guy, and we weren’t intimidated.

Then, of course, he asks where the drugs and alcohol are. Moone, the smart kid he is, tossed the sploifes as soon as he saw the lights, like he was Trot Nixon, and the cops never found em.

HalfManHalfMook, the mook that he is, dropped the bag with the handle of gin in it, right in the center of the plateau. The cop shined his light for one second and found it.

Now, I’m 21, so when he asked who’s bag it was, I claimed it.

HalfManHalfMook, the 20 year old mook that he is, wanted to be a hero, “NO SIR,” he screamed. “Thats my bag and my liquor, I can’t let my buddy take the fall.”

What. A. Charles. I am 21, so it would have been no problem. I appreciate the thought and the selflessness, just wished he used his brain. The cop took down his name, and made us pour out the entire handle.

I drove that night, and it came back to bite me. The cop, thinking we were causing trouble, ran the license plate down at the bottom of the hill, and called my father. He woke Tackstlyes Sr. up at 230 am, for no reason. My pops, one of the most cultural men I know, was more upset we did not get a chance to experience the culture of an Aurora borealis, than the Cops interrogation. I put in a complaint to the Waltham Police Department. I am 21 years old, allowed to be driving my father’s car, and there was no reason for him to wake my dad up. Tackstyles Sr. knew where I was, and did not care.

After about 15 more minutes of questioning, trying to get us to crack, the cops came up with their “punishment.” We had to leave the plateau, without observing the northern lights, and walk all the way back down. This “punishment” turned out to be one of the best things that has happened to me.

Imagine this scene, 5 absolute zooters shoulder to shoulder walking down a woodsy trail, with two cop cars, driving 2 mph, behind us. We were walking for 20 minutes, with the cops following. HalfManHalfMook lit up a butt, and we started thinking. This was too funny of an incident to ignore.

After brainstorming throughout the walk of shame in front of the cops, we decided that the best way to express our culture, was to create a blog. We wanted to share our hilarious cultural stories with the internet world. “Culture” has been a word in our lingo for about 4 years, and the title of the site needed to reflect how we are all about experiencing new culture.

I’m not saying that without this experience, TMC wouldn’t have been created, but it gave us the push and inspiration to get started. The very next day, I went over to MushOfAllTrades house and bought the domain

We have gotten wrapped up in this site. We do it for the love of the game. We do it to inform. We do it to inspire. We do it so people want to experience, create, and expand culture.

The cops tried to put us down, but we only rose above. That walk of shame brought us 5 to a new level of friendship. Once you get interrogated by cops together, you’re friends forever. We created this 5 way  bromance, and the ideas that were thought of on that walk are still used in the blog today.

Thank you Waltham Cops for breaking up our culture. The Aurora may never come to Boston again, but TMC will never leave Boston.

Morale of the Story: Go out and experience new culture, you never know what can come of it.



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