Recent Headlines In The Media Have Been Zero Culture

People have proved that they are way too easy for the media. Headlines like Jay Z getting beat up by Solange Knowles (Beyonce’s Sister) in an elevator, Macaulay Culkin wearing a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt, Michael Sam showing affection with his partner, Alec Baldwin getting arrested for riding his bike the wrong way, and more about the rich and racist Donald Sterling.

First off, Jay Z and the rest of the world should have some sort of privacy while they are on elevators, Sweet TMZ, you paid somebody off to get elevator footage. You do a great job making celebrities hate you. Jay Z and Beyonce are very respectable artists and in return for what they produce for us, we should respect their personal lives to a some extent. Them in an elevator crosses the line.

Macaulay Culkin is nobody besides the kid from Home Alone. That’s all anybody needs to say about him.

Michael Sam kissed his partner just like any couple would after hearing such great news. Let him, the 7th round draft pick he is, do what every other late round draft picks do with complete privacy. Nobody knows their names, but since people like to judge, Michael Sam is great story for them.

Alec Baldwin is the man and should be able to ride his bike whichever way he wants. But how is this story worthy for people to know about? Maybe if the story focused on biking laws in New York City, it would be worthy.

Lastly, everybody knows Donald Sterling is a racist. He does not deserve the chance to explain himself on television and cause more of a media circus regarding the situation. ESPN stop covering him and show some of the crazy NHL and NBA playoff highlights.

These are the popular stories right now and media outlets need to stop pounding bullshit through people’s throats. And as for the people reading these bologna stories, wake and smell the java, important shit is going on around us. Finally, if you do not care about the real events that are going on and affect us all… Go F Yourself!

As an author for TMC, I am trying to share things that will make you laugh, which will hopefully lead you to read a worthy story about something that affects people.

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