If You’re Worried About The Future, Read This

Here is a little culture that my friend wrote up. His name will not be mentioned, because he is a little soft but we’ll let it slide. It’s a great read about why should be enjoying your present instead of fearing the futures

“We’re supposed to be enduring our peak of our potential in these years and I have so much interest that I want to explore but instead I’m studying human pathogens which is not sparking my interest at all which is why I’m so easily distracted if this is the peak of our lives where it is said we can do anything we want why do we waste our time on things that don’t completely spark our interest instead of the things we want to gain information about this should be our time for exploration when our bodies and minds can handle everything we want to achieve by working on something to set yourself up for the future is not living in the present moment which is supposed to be the key to success I.e. happiness Alan watts has a quite if your living in the past your depressed; if you are worrying about the future you are anxious; but if you live in the present moment your at peace. How can we achieve this if in our world it is laid out for us to CONSTANTLY prepare for our future.”

-The Shaffmaster

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