Top 10 Ways to Study For Finals


Finals time is upon us. Everyone and their mama are freaking out, procrastinating, binge studying, and basically doing everything, but studying. Don’t just say “fuck it”….follow my list of the Top Ten Ways to ACE your finals. After you are done reading…get off facebook and start studying!


10) Study each subject equally for weeks prior to finals. This is what squids do. This is what kids who get A’s do. Nerds.


9) Study with the burgah from your class. Its a great icebreaker to ask her to study. You can show off your personality, while also showing off your brains. This is what kids who get D’s do.

Screen Shot 2014-05-05 at 11.02.23 AM

8) Study group with your homies. No work will be done, but you’re with your mushes so at least you’re spirits are up.

group smoking

7) Study for 2 hours right before the exam. Binge studying. Quickly gather all the info you can right before the test, so its fresh in your mind. Science says this is not good for you…but when you have no other option….its good for you.

binge studying

6) Go to every class, do every reading, and just review notes. This is what I highly suggest for incoming freshman. This way you won’t have to crazy study at the end of the year, but you also don’t get to have any crazy fun during the year.


5) All nighters. The day before your final you are probably freaking out. Just sleep. Study from 10pm until your test. You don’t have to binge quickly, you can get all the information, you’ll just be tired for the test. If adderall is on the table, this is a great option.


4) Study naked. I swear this helps. Go to your room, lock the door, and study naked. Its a mental thing. You are naked, in primitive form, learning new information.

naked studying

3) Sexual studying. Its science that for 15 minutes after you ejaculate, you are the most focused you can be. Grab your partner, grab the books, and alternate sex and studying all day. Enjoyable and knowledgeable.

sex asnf dtudy

2) Incentive studying. Whether its a sip of beer every paragraph you read, or a sploife after each essay, incentive studying is the best way to learn the information, while not killing yourself.


1) Study high. Take the test high. Get high scores.


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