#MushCrushMonday: Sylvester Stallone


This ignorant people of America love to view Sylvester mush as a dumb Italian boxer. Stallone is a brilliant Italian-American who is an idol for all Italians in the film industry. Ya he might of sounded a little silly in the Rocky movies, but he also wrote all of them too.

Sylvester was born in New York from an Italian background. He attended the University of Miami and then became an actor, film writer, and director. Everybody knows him as Rocky and Rambo, both mushes! Burgahs have come and gone for Sylvester, he has been married three times. Believe it or not he has been known for using artificial growth hormones but that goes hand in hand with being Rocky or Rambo. He stopped going to church as he got famous, but since his slight career decline, he has rediscovered his Catholic faith.

But here’s what really makes Rocky a mush:

He was born paralyzed in the left side of his face and his speech was slurred. Two things that can make it impossible for an acting career. Syl mush went to New York to start his acting career. Problem was he had no money and slept at a New Jersey bus terminal for 3 weeks. The mush sold his dog for $25 out of desperation.

Then Syl saw Ali fight, inspiring him to write Rocky. He was offered $125,000 but would not be able to act in it so he declined. Finally they were going to let him act in the movie, and Syl finally sold it. First thing he did after the sale was buy his dog back. Rocky has made $200 million and will always be a classic.

Mushes never give up, thanks for the inspiration Sylvester mush!

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