California School Bans American Flag T-Shirts For Cinco De Mayo


I thought this was America people? A school in Northern California banned students from wearing American flag t-shirts to keep students safe. The court approved the school’s decision because it kept students safe in a climate of racial tension.

This case started back in 2010 when the school’s principal asked a group of students to put their American flag t-shirts inside out or change them on Cinco De Mayo. The students refused and brought it to court. They believed their freedom of expression, equal protection and due process was violated. The judges were then left with a decision to make, favor the students’ freedom of expression or the possible safety threat of the school.

The previous year a group of students with Mexican flags clashed with students with an American flag. The students with the American flag broke out in a USA chant leading to a “near violent” situation. The “near violent” situation being so bad that parents kept the students involved home for two days following Cinco De Mayo.

Since our country is becoming soft as baby shit, of course the judges chose the safety threat to the school because who the fuck cares about freedom now-a-days anyways? I do. If people did fight over American flag t-shirts, the shirt should not be banned but the people who got in the fight might want to learn something.

Cinco De Mayo is holiday that is celebrated because an unlikely war victory against France. I have no problems with people celebrating this holiday to the fullest and letting everybody know how much it means to them. This holiday is celebrated in America and Mexico. So on this day, Americans should respect Mexican celebration just as Mexicans respect Americans on our holidays. Cinco De Mayo is a freedom celebration and taking away somebody’s freedom on that day ruins the whole celebration. There should not be one single day in which people can’t wear a shirt with their own country’s flag on it.

If the students got into fights because of American flag t-shirts, banning the shirts is not going to solve the problem. School administrators love handing out punishments instead of educating and rehabilitating. Somebody gets caught with weed, he gets suspended. They do not talk to the student about why it is a problem, they think him missing a couple days of being educated is a better solution. School administrators and local governments need to face the problems instead of handing out punishments and running away from them. Banning American flag t-shirts is only going to create more problems. This one of the few times where I can say the Tea Party is needed. They are protesting this decision and more people must stand up for our freedom.

What the fuck ever happened to freedom? The people are losing the small basic freedoms that should never be touched. Whether it be the freedom of what size soda you want to drink, or wearing a t-shirt that shows patriotism. I thought this was America people…



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  1. Toll says:

    dont get me wrong, i agree with the fact that we should be able to wear em, but i just dont really understand why people would lol. cinco de mayo is dope, its just causing controversy for no reason lol

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