Top 10 Newton North Bromances Of The Last Decade

10) 2 Random Guys from 2013

The tag team of hash tag getting pleys. Always on the prowl looking for burgahs, they were known as “ruthless.” Together, they probably contacted 90% of the burgahs in the Middlesex county, and converted on roughly 53%. Those who burgah together, are friends forever.

We shared a lot of the same burgahs I guess haha. And we’ve been friends since kindergarten and we just stayed tight all through high school

“Me and ***** relationship started during the sand box days at Franklin school. I would say what solidified our bromance was summer of Sophomore year when we would go on what we called late night hogging. Our motto during these hogging adventures is “everyone looks good at 2 am”. Some of the things we did were unspeakable for the Internet haha but I could always count on waking up in the morning and discussing our nights with each other”

9. Henry Shore and Andrew Mackowski


Everybody’s got to love this bromance. This bromance conists of two great kids who are both pursuing their dreams. Henry and Drew have been throwing around the baseball forever, and something as simple as that can make a friendship last forever.

“We’ve been boys since the days in little league, we ran west newton hill, and have continued to rage through Mardi Gras. Our schools are very far away from each other, but are friendship will always remain close.” -Henry Shore

8. Scott Giusti and Sean Yule


Everybody remembers these two from Garden City Sports camps, whether they were your fellow campers or counselors. Ya of course Giusti bullied Yule all the time (SUCK YULE), but it was all out of pure love. These two kids are always a great time and have a bond everybody should be jealous of.

Haha well… Yule and I met in the first grade and live 2 blocks away for each other. Coincidentally I am 4 days older than Sean and our parents actually have their anniversary on the same day. We played hockey, lacrosse, and football together and our dads were big on football… as you know. We were always buddies but coming into to high school Yule jut became the guy in the group we would tag on but love so that’s where suck yule came in. But throughout the years he’s grown out of it

7. James Mackenzie and Jake Moran


Tur and Fingaz. These two brought exciting culture to school every day. Always pulling shenanigans together. In their 8 year friendship, there has never been a silent moment longer than 4 seconds.

Me and Turr really started hanging out sophomore going into junior year summer and from that day we hung out we were just together everyday. Inseparable. I was really close to mostly the Mushes in The Lake especially ones in 08 or 07.. I knew everyone, but I never really hung out with kids outside the lake. Tado changed that. I could go on about the kid for hours but all I really gotta say is I love the kid like a brother and I know if was in a tough spot I could count in him to help me out.. And it wouldn’t be the first time.. TURRRRRRRR” -Jake Moran

“Jake and I go back to Sophomore year of high school. Him and both knew a lot of kids at school which eventually just molded us to starting a relationship. It was love at first burn hahaha. We kicked it every day and he was/is my other half. I’m the more educated and classy side but Fingaz is the ladies man and life of the party.  -James Mackenzie

6. Bobby Grimshaw and Ryan Fanning


These two mushes define the mush bond. We all know they can be havads on occasion, but at least they always have each others back. This friendship goes back to the sandbox and continues at the ruit table today.

“Starting back to the Lincoln Eliot days, causing mischief in Mrs. Petrofsky’s kindergarten class sparked a life time friendship simply from getting sent to the office together, my brotha from anotha motha Bobo. Together nothing stood a chance, we took down the kickball game at recess and moved on to realize girls no longer had cooties, but booties us mushes couldn’t keep our hands off of; truly no jivles stood a chance of our mush charms. The memories of being Elves at Mikey and Ben’s Cultured Banga, to almost getting the boot out of Punta Cana TOGETHER, I know this mush will always have my back with anything, as I will always have his. Bobby will always be blood, and together, they’ll always be culture in the air. TMC” – Ryan Fanning

5. Anthony Gurley and Corey Lowe

Screen Shot 2014-04-16 at 8.54.14 AM

This bromance is way more than basketball, but their friendship was displayed on the court. They had great chemistry, and were always smiling and laughing while playing. They were having fun on the court. What these two accomplished together will never be forgotten.

4. Paul Dornfeld and Tony Filipov


The Paul and Tony bromance is a very unique one. I mean what brings a Jew and a Bulgarian together? These might be the best ruit partners in Newton history, but others could compete if they played as much as them.

“It all started with a hookah and a dream. The bromance was strong from the start. Whether we were taking patron shots while watching entourage or running the ruit tables, we knew we were embarking on something special. Today, we look back on those days where much of what we did together involved mutual risk. From visiting our friend in Medford to getting kicked out of high school events, we tangoed through life dangerously. Now, the storm has calmed, but our bond continues to swim strong. And we are confident, as long as the horizon remains, we will continue to sail through this life. Together.” -Anton Filipov

3. Max Martins and Leighton Culici


This is another bromance in which all that was needed was a baseball. This friendship has gone from the sandbox, to Varsity baseball, and even though they will be on opposite ends of the country, their friendship will not weaken. Their love for Ken Griffey Jr. also played a huge role in this bromance.

“So . . we me the very first day of kindergarten like right when our parents let us loose. This was at the Dale’s finest public institution, Burr School in Mrs. Glass’ classroom. I walked right up to this kid most likely pretending to read (aka Leighton), and asked him what his name was. He responded saying “read” while pointing to his name tag. Now if i were 23 at the time I would’ve told him to fuck himself cuz like come on dude just tell me ur name cuz it’s confusing for a kindergartner but I somehow came up with the name Leighton (i guess i was a beast at sounding shit out). So since that moment we have been best buddies. Growing up in the Dale, basically the closest knit part of Newton aside from the lake, we lived so close to each-other and since we both excelled in athletics and mackin hunnies since our burr days we always were looking out for each other and constantly playing games with each-other. The tight Dale bond, sports, and our very close group of friends including some of west newtons finest (berko, jonah poster, ben cassidy, colin notis, jake mazur warren) really kept us tight. When I actually had to say goodbye to Leighton the other day when I left for San Fran i almost forgot, cuz I just thought to myself instinctively nah ill just see him tomorrow haha. Although we did say “goodbye” there was really no need since well always be best friends regardless of where were living.” -Max Martins

2. Louis Brown and Geoff Perez


People that do not know Louis and Geoff assume they are actual brothers because of how obvious their bond is. When they sent me their quotes talking about each other, it really hit home with me. These guys mean so much to each other and have always been there for each other. They are prime example of how important friendship really is.

Geoffrey has been my friend since I could remember, easily over 20 years. I have an older brother and Geoff I can safely say is my second brother. Kid means the world to me and I know for a fact we could never live without each other. We do everything together, and I wouldn’t change our friendship for anyone or anything. I love the kid! My brother, my homie! 4 life” -Louis Brown

“Me and Louis have known each other since we were 2 years old. From playing tag at the bus stop, to playing sports together, to graduating high school, I can honestly say we’ve done almost everything together. We’ve seen each other at our best and worst; and only makes our bond even that much closer. There isn’t a day where one of us is somewhere without someone asking where the other is. To most we kind of count as one person. Blood couldn’t make us any closer.” -Geoff Perez

1. Kevin Barisano and Alex D’Agostino


K-Bar and Daggy. Friends since the sandbox, this bromance grew stronger over the years. Through thick and thin, they remained the nicest, friendliest, and funniest duo in the last decade of NNHS.

Kids been my brother since 3rd grade. Grew up about 10 houses away down Cabot street and shared a love for good food and backyard football. The “Barry-Dagger Connection” never ceases to amaze. Potentially living together in Boston this summer so the bromance continues” -Kevin Barisano

TouchMyCulture would not be a website if it was not for strong friendship. We do this so we can all keep in touch and build something as friends. No fancy car, fancy watch, expensive bottle of liquor, or anything of those sorts can amount to how valuable friendship is. Now that a lot of us are at college making new friends, it is easy to forget about your friends from home. But these are the people that you built your foundation with and will be there for the rest of your life. TEAMWORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK. We believe that, so call a friend and see how they are doing. Make a plan for when you guys get back home from college to do something that will make up for lost time. Because when we have nothing else in the world, our friends will always be there.

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    You missed a couple.

    1. I was gonna do honorable mentions but I think it’s a fair list Hymlaire!

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    This is adorable. Good job!

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