Texas High School Student Government to Sell #FreeSterling Wristbands at Fundraiser


Look, I get it- it’s prom season and everyone needs money. Apparently, there are several Donald Sterling supporters at Dallas Supremacist Academy that are gonna come out and buy these things and that’s fine. They are entitled to an opinion, just like Kobe Bryant is entitled to being straight. I think we all agree on that and I hope they have a memorable, well-funded prom.

That being said, in this case, it’s just too soon. This guy is the biggest racist since Ray from Remember the Titans. Just completely out of touch with society. So what do we do about it? Deport him like Aaron Hernandez? Send him to Guantanamo like Dzhokhar?

I’m not opposed to Obama just coming in and taking this guys money and donating it all to Sarah McLachan’s Abandoned Dogs Hotline. Because as long as Donald Sterling is rich, he’s not gonna change. And I think we’d all prefer this guy to suffer.

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