Weird Cultural Story of The Day: Charity Pierce: World’s fattest woman

Weighing in at a mind-boggling weight of 54.9 stones, 786.6 pounds, Charity Pierce is certain to be one of the fattest people on the planet. The obese woman has been advised to lose 20 stones, or 280 pounds, so that she can have a life-saving gastric bypass operation. She has also stated that she wants to shed a few lbs so that she can marry her fiance. She has been incapable of leaving her house because of her weight. In the sentimental video that she posted in 2012, she fervently wants to improve her health in order to be around for her daughters graduation. Pierce said, “I’m worried about having a heart attack or stroke, or dying in my sleep.”
Gators Take: Although I have been apathetic towards extremely overweight people in the past, as I have studied obesity, and it’s physical and emotional side effects and have gained a sense of solicitude towards people that struggle with obesity.  Many people are discriminated against in the workforce and are bullied because of a disease that they were born with.  There are many factors that formulate this epidemic, but one thing is for sure, we should never judge people for genetic diseases that they do not have control over.  It’s time to stop the stigma of obesity and try to combat it, rather than condemn it and denigrate the people that were born into the world being overweight.  I praise people who have the courage to take on this disease that most of the time is hereditary. I wish Charity nothing but the best of luck and hope she is around to enjoy life and to spend the time that she deserves with her family.

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