Michigan Basketball Player Suspended ONE YEAR for Smoking Weed

University of Michigan Basketball player, Mitch McGary, played only 8 games this season. He was limited, because of a nagging back injury. Last year he showed a lot of promise, and was getting a lot of attention from the NBA. After this season, he was considering going back to school to prove himself, as he missed most of this season. He no longer has to make a decision, the NCAA made it for him.

Mitch smoked weed one night in March while his team was playing in the tourney. When his team made the sweet 16, he travelled with them to support. Somehow, he was chosen for a random drug test.

He failed, and the NCAA has an outdated, zero tolerance policy against negative drug tests. He was suspended for his junior season. Mitch has declared for the NBA draft, as another full season off would most likely ruin his career.

The NCAA needs to re-examine this policy. Full season suspension for one, decriminalized, zoot. SMH



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