Top 10 Burgahs in Red Carpet History

10) Emma Watson 

-An up and comer. Emma Watson has everything you could want for the red carpet; the legs, the style, the eyes, the back, and the swagger.

9) Jennifer Aniston 

-How is it possible to be this hot and charming at the same time…even at age 40.

8) Natalie Portman

-Pure elegance. The Israeli Intimidator.

7) Audrey Hepburn

-Class class class. Nothing but class. The white gloves, the long dresses, the generation that she grew up in, all add up and create her sex appeal.

6) Halle Berry

-Hottest black woman ever? Class on class too.

5) Jessica Alba 

-So unique. Sexy, pretty, elegant.

4) Marilyn Monroe

-You walk in with Marilyn and you know you’re having a good time. She basically created the modern day sex appeal, and her red carpet outfits and antics were revolutionary.

3) Rachel McAdams

-The best friend type of girl. But also incredibly good looking..

2) Charlize Theron

-The underdog. Charlize Theron? Who? Ya…Charlize Theron kills it every time she makes an appearance on the red carpet. The eyes, the strut, the confidence, the sex appeal. She brings it all whenever she touches that red velvet culture.

1) Scarlett Johannson 

-Jewish, gorgeous, sexy. She can pull off any look. Always brings the heat.


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