Art Interview With Adam Vindigni


Adam Vindigni displays a fervid interest in the field of art. This New Jersey native is an aspiring artist at the University of Vermont. Adam has been constructing art since he was capable of holding a pencil. His passion to draw and paint has been influenced by his experiences throughout his life. Continuously, Vindigni draws from his vivid imagination with hopes to create art that will connect with others in search of their own passion. Below, are some examples of Adams’ art he has produced over the previous years.

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champlaingrids final

Burgah Art

Snowboard Design

Sunrise Flames

Ferris Wheel of Light


Q: What inspired you to draw?

A: “Something about visually transferring an experience/emotion from your mind to a piece of paper is very rewarding”

Q: What kind of culture do you want to bring to art?

A: “My goal is for everyone else to have a unique experience and look deep within to their own culture while looking at my work.”

Q: Who are your favorite artists?

A: “I honestly don’t have a favorite artist. I just use my own feelings and experiences to influence and inspire my work”

Q: What is the most cultural piece of art you have created?

A: “The most cultural piece of art I’ve created depends on the culture within the viewer/ I have no fucking clue what constitutes a cultural piece of art”

Q: Did you ever think about getting into burgah art?

A: “Burgah art is a definite possibility for my future. I’ve considered folding all        operations in the making and focusing solely on burgah art.

Q: Would you paint Wayne Gretzky naked if he asked you too?

A: “Yes. There is no denying the great one.”

Q: What kind of pencil do you use the most?

A: “Mechanical pencil mostly”

Q: What’s your favorite color?

A: “I do not have a favorite color but my favorite color combo is a variation of blue/orange”

Q: Were your art teacher’s ever pissed off at you for being better than them at their own profession?

A: “No, they were encouraging, as for my math, science, history, and english teachers…they were never to happy to find their books marked from cover to cover in doodles.”

Q: Where is your favorite place to Paint/Draw?

A: “Favorite place to paint/draw is wherever I am at the time I’m feeling creative.Could be in class, could be while I’m getting burgahs. Doesn’t matter, any table will do.”


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