Average Athlete Of The Week: John David Booty


As the school year winds down, my alcohol consumption picks up. Sitting around the bar at happy hour five nights a week leads to a multitude of stories, questions and games.

One game that my fellow degenerates and I like to play is name the most obscure college quarterback you could think of. A guy who tore it up as an amateur, but fell off the face of the earth come time for the pros. I’m sure a couple two, tree names come to mind; Jared Zabransky, Colt Brennan, Mike Teel, just to name a few.

But when I sat down to write this bit, there was one dude who I thought of automatically. A guy that had the world by the balls and then disappeared into the anonymity of the American north.

What ever happened to John David Booty?

This is the first guy to ever leave high school a full year early to play college football and enrolled at Southern-Cal. He succeeded Matt Leinart and was succeeded by Mark Sanchez. After being drafted by the Vikings, he bounced around the league as a practice team scrub and rumor has it he ended his athletic career in the Minnesota Twins farm system.

Talk about a fall from the upper echelon of collegiate society. From being the big man on campus at USC to being a bench warmer in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. Maybe him and LenDale White still post up and do G shit together. Either way, true college football enthusiasts and bar stool historians will never forget John David Booty.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ryanm6012 says:

    FUCK YES JOHN DAVID BOOTY! Name kills it too

  2. m00ne says:

    Alright @ryanm6012 calm down kid

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