And the Best Weatherman in Boston is…

As I’ve gotten older I’ve begun to appreciate the quality of weather forecasts in Boston- best in the continental United States. I could lie in bed and watch these three tell me what the wind direction is in Fall River all day. Cream of the crop.


Honorable Mention: Pete Bouchard (Channel 7)

Very funny French-American dual citizen. He gives an honest effort at convincing superintendents to cancel school so his kid can go sledding. Plus his 7-day forecast is usually top 5-top 10.


Honorable Mention: JC Monahan (Channel 5)

(Also honorable mention by Globe West for “Most Desirable Tush”)

She doesn’t know anything about clouds or snow or tornadoes but does anyone really care? Any male who claims they don’t wake up at 5:50am every weekday to stare at JC’s ass as she says some bullshit about water temperature in Nantucket is just flat-out lying.


Winner: Mark Rosenthal (, Boston Herald)

Hands-down the best weatherman in Boston, maybe North America. Mark hasn’t made a single forecast error in 10 years, which effectively makes a free online encyclopedia. Supposedly, God has asked Mark for his weekend outlook before a trip to the Cape- doesn’t even surprise me: guy is spot on every time.

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