Cultural Figure of the Week: Pheidippides


Most people don’t understand why someone would run 26.2 miles for enjoyment. I am one of those people. I could never do it, but boy do I respect those that can. And boy do I respect Pheidippides.

Pheidippides is the creator of the marathon, and the savior of the marathon. Let me explain. When the Persian Regime was taking over Europe, every city was in danger. Pheidippides ran 26.2 miles from Athens to his home city, Marathon, in order to relay the message that the Greek Regime was coming to overthrow the city. He made it in time for the city to evacuate. As soon as Pheidippides gave the message to whoever he first told it to, he dropped dead. He pushed himself 26.2 miles to death, but not before saving his hometown of Marathon.

Pheidippides efforts are why we call a marathon, a marathon. This is why a marathon is 26.2 miles. And Pheidippides is why the city or marathon still stands today. Pheidippides is a true hero, and a true cultural figure.

Everyone have a great and safe marathon. Remember to stay hydrated.

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