Where Are The Drones When You Need Them? Al Qaeda Holds Huge Meeting

There was a huge al Qaeda meeting held in Yemen. We have received the video, but we did not do anything to stop it. I have been hearing a lot about drone strikes that do indeed kill the target, but civilians are being killed in doing so. That is making it a lot easier for terrorist recruitment since we are killing innocent people, they are going to want revenge, it is only human. On an episode of VICE, they interviewed a woman who tries to talk peace into radicalized young people. She said for every civilian a drone strike kills, 100 more terrorists can be recruited.

How did the Central INTELLIGENCE Agency miss this one?

Was the Pentagon busy playing with rhombuses?

We missed a chance at a group of terrorists isolated in one area, where we could kill terrorist and avoid any civilian damage. Our drone attacks and military actions are raising a lot of needed questions.

September 11th changed the world forever and it is time we change it back.

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