Update On What Happened At The Boston Marathon Finish Line Last Night: The Kayvon Edson Story


041514bombce009.JPGPhoto credit: Christopher Evans, Boston Herald

Kevin Edson was the man behind this madness. He was charged with possession of a hoax device, disturbing the peace, and disorderly conduct (via @Jennifer_ Eagan.) A suspicious bag was found and detonated by the bomb squad. As far as we know, there was nothing in the bag and it was safely neutralized. People are referring to Edson as Kayvon, due to the black veil he was wearing in the video. The black veil is popular with Kayvon, he wears it frequently on his YouTube videos. Kayvon’s Mom said he is bi-polar, just because we must label any white person who gets arrested as mentally ill. Watch one of Kayvon’s YouTube videos: (very fucking creepy)

His explanation for his actions was that it was part of his art. Kayvon describes himself as an arts and fashion student but the only fitting label I see is ignorant douchebag. Here is what his brother posted on Facebook regarding his brother:



The police handled the situation well, taking all necessary precautions, anything that might propose a threat must be taken seriously and the cops did just that.

Hopefully somebody gives this guy a beating for scaring us. I hope nobody else decides to demonstrate their art in such an ignorant way on these next few days leading up to the Boston Marathon.


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