Lotto23. THE best app ever created.

FREE MONEY.  FREE FUCKING MONEY. This is not a joke.  There is a new app on the market called Lotto23 and they are giving away free money!

How many of you love the casino? How many of you love to buy a scratch ticket with those few extra dollars left over from the convenience store run?  Lotto23 offers you a free lottery ticket everyday!

And it gets better.  The more of us that download the app, the bigger the winning pot gets.

Here is how it works:

Lotto 23 is the world’s first mobile lottery that connects the entire world and costs absolutely nothing.  A patented system pushes 50% of the ad revenue right back into a jackpot.  A jackpot that you paid absolutely nothing to grow.

Arieh Movtady, a pioneering app designer, is half the brains behind this genius app.  When I asked what Lotto23 is truly about he had this to say:

“We plan to revolutionize the industry by taking power away from monopolies and feeding it back into the peoples’ hands. The lottery should be a gift the world participates in rather than a tax on the stupid. The users control it’s growth, and the stats don’t lie.”

The numbers speak for themselves people.  Only 6 days since it’s launch, there are already 5,000 daily users, winnings of over $350, and a growing jackpot of over $26200.

I can’t really imagine why you wouldn’t want to download this app right away.  Who doesn’t want a free lottery ticket every day?

Follow these easy steps for a chance at a pot worth over $26,000 and growing:

  1. Download Lotto23 from the app store.  It is made by dream big studios. (
  2. Sign in when prompted. Don’t worry they will not share your information.
  3. Each day, pick your 6 lottery numbers and wait for the drawing every night at 9PM EST
  4. You can even earn 2 times the prize money by clicking the “2X” button on the countdown page.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. Andrew G says:

    Great idea. Revolutionary app. I’m going to get that jackpot!

  2. Jake T says:

    The unmitigated flaws monopolies present to society force pioneers like Arieh to revolutionize the game. Amen Arieh keep doing big things

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