One Year Later, Stronger Than Ever #BOSTONSTRONG

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It’s been 365 days since the tragedy that was the Boston Marathon Bombings. As a city, we could have submitted. We could have felt defeated, cancelled all upcoming games and next year’s marathon, and lived inside a safe cocoon the rest of our lives. That is not what Boston is about. Instead 9,000 more runners will be running than last year.

We rallied together. The next night, the Bruins played and the entire crowd, together, sang the national anthem. This was one of the most special moments after the marathon. This showed the world that Boston was maybe a bit broken, but we were going into this situation together.

The Red Sox played a home game 3 days later, with a sell out crowd at hand, and honored the first responders. They honored them with a special ceremony, a walk off win, and the leader of this city, even though from a different country, David Ortiz, gave a speech that perfectly said what this city was feeling:

Boston competes. Boston wins. In the past 365 days, the Red Sox have sold out every game, won a championship, and had the biggest parade this city has ever seen. The Bruins made it to the Stanley Cup finals and were 3 minutes away from winning it. Regardless of the final result, sports are a microcosm of this city.

When the Sox were down 3-0 to the Yanks they fought back. When “The British were coming the british were coming,” we fought back. And when these two awful human beings tried to dismantle this community, we fought back.

No doubt this year’s marathon will be emotional, but we will all fight the emotions together. These emotions aren’t scared or nervous emotions. They are rough, tough, determined, and wholesome emotions. The runners know that everyone in the city has their backs. We will all be right beside the finish line, prouder than ever.

A year has passed, and we still can’t give enough attention the all the first responders, and marathon runners who went back to help out. They represent this city for what it really means. They put others’ safety in front of their own. They are role models for everyone in Boston, and should be for everyone around the world.

This city means much more than sports events. It’s just that these sports events are what brings the city together. We bond over the sox. We bond over hating the Miami Heat. But now, we bond over getting this city, these people, and this marathon back on track.

Everyone take a moment today to honor those that died on this tragic day. Honor all those who were affected, and honor all those who put their lives on the line to try and save lives and this city. But also take a moment to be thankful. Be thankful that you can go home to a city that has your back. Be thankful that the city you live in will fight together. Be thankful that your city, Boston, is the greatest community in the world, and no one can take us down.

Tonight at 7:30, ESPN is premiering a “Boston’s Bravest Heroes” Series, and I highly recommend watching. Honor those who protected our city.



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