Average Athlete of the Week: Brian Daubach


Franky was too busy today so I am going to share a favorite average athlete of mine, Brian Daubach. With a career batting average of .259, a bench clearing brawl against the Orioles, and 93 dingers, Brian helps define average. He is living the life coaching double-a ball, coaching the world’s most average players. Daubach bounced around 5 teams in his 7 year stint in the majors and I’m sure he’s more than happy with his career. Rumors flew around that he was homosexual because of involvement as a gay rights activist, but he is married. Salutè Brian for coaching average baseball players and helping homosexuals get the rights they deserve.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Timothy says:

    You totally suck as a journalist. No facts in this article. Who the f#ck are you loser?

  2. everything was factual Timmer…

  3. Timothy says:

    Let’s start with the fact that he hasn’t been married for 6 years you idiot . You are way off. You are poser journalist. Have you ever heard of fact checking.

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