America is so Educated, Here is Where We Think Ukraine is


The greatest country in world, where people think Ukraine is in South Africa. Now I know I can only expect so much from people to keep up with current events. But the problems arising in Ukraine have been all over the news, it is almost impossible to miss, and if you have any productive friends, this topic comes up in conversation.

America just has no fucking clue where Ukraine is, people were willing to think Russia was invading parts of America (see map). People thought, “huh, maybe Russia is invading Greenland to get some ice to bring back home.” Some people thought, “Jeez, Russia is invading Brazil to see what they should have done to prepare for the Olympics.” Or maybe, “Fuck, Russia is invading Canada for their maple syrup since theirs is mediocre”. It seems some people thought Russia was invading Russia…This shit makes me embarrassed and should really get you thinking too.

It should be a must for people to be up to date with current events. I think it should be a major part of middle and high school curricula. What is more valuable than knowing what is going on? I am not talking the optional current events class, it is just as necessary as History, Math, and English (Sorry Science but I am biased). Some news will really hit some with students and spark worthy conversations, so these students have more to talk about then who they are trying to burgah this weekend.

Maybe the problem is geography class, but I have a feeling it is more than just that. Let’s wake up people and look around to see what is going on outside the perfect little ball of America. A lot is going on around the world, so are just going to ignore it all? Or GET CULTURED?


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