Cultural Figure of the Week: Jon Stewart


Victorian Art 


Jon Stewart, born Jon Stewart Liebowitz (of course he’s a moone), is a leader. He puts people in their place. He addresses important issues, identifies the problem, who is creating the problem, and suggests a solution. He started as a stand up comic, and made his way up the ranks until he created his own show that airs nightly on Comedy Central. In his show, he discusses current events, but in a funny and simple way. He tells it like it is, no matter who the figure is. He consistently critiques Obama, but also supported Obama in the last election. More media outlets need to show this bipartisanship. More media needs to call out people out when they are being dumb. This is the only way common people will understand the real culprits behind issues, and increases the sentiment that change is needed.

People might know him as the real Dad from the movie, ‘Big Daddy”, but he is much more than that. Jon has had no problem sharing his opinion on Obamacare, NCAA player compensation, Dick Cheney,  and critics of ‘Noah’. Stewart Moone tell it how it is, and although he does not have a show on one of the major networks, he is just as worthy to follow as Colbert, Fallon, Kimmel, and the others. He shares the news, and while doing so, makes you laugh. That is what TMC is trying to do, share worthy news and make you laugh.

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