Weird Cultural Story of the Day: Young woman who orgasms up to 50 times a day

Weird Cultural Story of the Day:  Young woman who orgasms up to 50 times a day

Amanda Gryce, 24, explicated how her life has been menaced by an extremely rare condition that forces her to orgasm up to 50 times a day. Amanda has been living with this condition since she was 6 years old and it has been extremely difficult for her to have an intimate relationship with a significant other because of this irksome condition. The disease is called Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder. “It can happen anywhere and sometimes I’ll have five back to back. “It’s not pleasurable it has become like torture.” It seems as if Amanda’s misfortune has changed as seven months ago, when Amanda met a restaurant worker named Stuart on an online dating website. Previously coping with her symptoms by having sex, Amanda now stays celibate, and her boyfriend is completely ok with that. “Stuart’s really been holding me back as far as the intimacy goes – he actually has to remind me we’re not allowed to do anything.”
My reaction to this, props to you, Stew. If you were to attach a lie detector to 1,000 heterosexual males and ask them if they would be monogamous with a woman that you could not copulate with, well, the percentage would amount to the same percentage of heterosexual males that listen to the Jonas Brothers on a daily basis, not good. Ladies, there are good guys out there that want more from you than burgahs, just a really small percentage. I wish nothing but the best for the new happy couple and hope all of you TMC readers have a spectacular day.

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