Umass Basketball Player Derrick Gordon Comes Out as Gay

Umass Basketball player Derrick Gordon came out this morning. He becomes the first openly gay player in mens D1 college basketball. Derrick was an essential player for my Minutemen this season. He started and averaged nearly 10 points, 4 rebounds, and 2 assists per game this season. I went to many games, and I swear he never missed a floater in the lane. Thats not a gay inuendo, its just true. Derrick showed toughness on the court, and is proving his toughness off the court. Derrick is being true to himself and to the world, and his strength should be admired. He may not have wanted to make headlines, but it is a way to show other gay athletes that it is ok to come out. Michael Sam, and now Derrick Gordon are essential members for a team, and they’re sexual orientation does not matter. I’ve had class with Derrick, and he is as nice and down to earth as a college student can get. He also asked me for a pen every day. Derrick is a leader for the team, and for the community. Next year he’ll be the first openly gay player to win a National Championship. Book it. Way to go Derrick. Way to “Be true”

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