Shabazz Napier Goes to Bed “Starving” Some Nights

Shabazz Napier discusses the dark side of the NCAA. He acknowledges the value of the scholarship, but states that’s simply not enough. Nobody should go to bed hungry, especially a College Basketball player about to be in the NBA. Make a change NCAA.


After seeing this quote, legislators and representatives in Connecticut started to pursue the unionization of UCONN athletes, much like what was acoomplished at Northwestern. It will be a long time before a change is made, but good for Shabazz for discussing the taboo.

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  1. Jack says:

    Not entirely disagreeing but Shabazz almost definitely gets a meal plan, plus a per-diem for meals missed due to athletic event. I’m not sure UCONN’s exact per-diems but here is an example from Alabama. I think Shabazz should be able to eat if he manages his allowances/meal plans a little better

    1. tackstyles says:

      I agree, he should probably manage his money better, as no other players are complaining this drastically. However, with the amount the ncaa is making, the players should be receiving more than they do..

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