2014 March Fatness Best Munchie Food Final Four Reader Vote


What a great final four in the March Madness tournament. UCONN representing the Northeast, and Kentucky upsetting everyone with last second shots. Couldn’t have ask for a better tournament. However, you got one! March Fatness is just as intense. The Elite “Ate” has concluded, and the results are in:

In the Jared From Subway Region 

#1 Thanksgiving leftovers dominated #2 Cookies and milk by 8 votes

In the John Goodman Region

#4 Italian Sub handles the #10 Clementines by 8 votes

In the Jonah Hill Region 

#1 Chinese barely gets by #6 Burritos by 4 votes

In the Mario Bitali Region 

#1 Pizza takes care of business vs. #2 Bacon Cheeseburger Sub by 8 votes

Now it is time for the final four. The best 4 munchie foods in the world go crumb to crumb. The winner will be declared the best munchie food of all time. Here are the matchups, please vote:


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