Welcome to Newton North High School, Where All Culture Has Been Drained


It seems like every week my sister comes home from school with some absurd new rule that Newton North is instituting. North used to be known for it’s cultural lifestyle, where mushes could run free, and burgahs roamed the halls, but now it’s probably known for one of it’s eight SAT prep classes or the Quidditch team. Some of the new rules I have heard about really take away the fun of high school.  I’m going to share the rules with you in order of when I heard about them.

1) Students write an essay that is reviewed by your housemaster and athletic director in order to become a “6th Man Leader”.

The school does not determine who the biggest basketball fans are; the students know. The kids who go to the most games and make the most noise are the leaders, not somebody who can write an essay about what makes them a good leader.

2) Students get breathalyzed at the doors of basketball games.

Kids in high school drink nationwide, that is always going to be a part of American culture. Ban a kid who gets sick at a game. Sure, I can understand that. But let the parents raise their own kids. Alcohol is a social thing, a basketball game is a social event. To breathalyze students at the door of an event that is supposed to be fun, takes the fun out of it.

3) Students must sign a waiver that would allow faculty to breathalyze them if they wanted to take a fan bus to a sporting event.

When I was at North, I thought one of the main points of the fan bus was to prevent students from drinking and driving to away games. That certainly was the most positive effect. I can understand the legal issues with a bus full of drunk kids, but the administration should know the drunk driving to games has definitely increased since implementing this rule. Besides, nobody is going on a fan bus sober…

4) Everybody attending Senior Prom must take the bus provided by the school, no limos or party buses allowed.

A part of Senior Prom is going on a limo, enjoying the best of times in a classy manner, taking that privilege away is absurd. You’re already done. All but checked out. This doesn’t have an effect on education; which is the domain or schools. It’s only effect is on sphere of life that is definitively outside the realm of education. >

5) You can not complete prom proposals on school property without asking for permission, next year prom proposals will not be allowed on school property at all.

Prom proposals have been the only culture produced by this Senior class, now it is extinct. They have been a tradition of highschools in the united states for decades. Dating is a part of life. What exactly is the school trying to accomplish?

6) If somebody engages in a fight with you, you can not fight back or you will be suspended

If a boy was beating the shit out of my sister, she is not permitted to fight back, but try to find a teacher… What are you teaching these kids? You defend yourself in business, you defend yourself in arguments, if someone attacks you, you should defend yourself. Simply so you don’t get hurt. This is so incredibly soft.


After hearing all that, I knew that Newton North was officially drained of culture. All of these rules are not going to change the students, it is only going to change the amount of fun the students have in the school. Newton North has overstepped the line of governing the students education, and is trying to govern their lives. That is not their job. The school board is not paid to make those decisions. Fuck that. Newton North used to be a home of great culture, where everyone got a great education and graduated with great friends and great memories. I knew the second I walked into the new school, culture was going to start slowly diminishing. I was right. Best of luck Newton North, don’t give in to the bullshit, and gain back your right to good culture.

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  1. j says:

    While some of the things you list are ridiculous, you have a rather flimsy view of culture. The things you described are the supposed rites of passage for the seniors and not even all the seniors. Some of the things that are banned make sense; in my year people would drive drunk to games, and I knew friends whose dates were sexually aggressive at prom because of their drinking.

    The big cultural shifts were the old new building transitions. I was class of 2010 and the place changed dramatically within the year by that standard. Typically though cultural shifts really change over the course of 5-10 years at North because it takes awhile to forget what older classes have done. Come back after you graduate college and maybe there will be a cultural shift.

    Some changes suck. Limos are awesome. Rules about fights are absurd. Prom proposals are goofy and fun. But things that directly relate to student safety are important especially at the high school level.

  2. Mona Linda agrees with the absurdity of some of these changes however I don’t see anything anti-culture about a feminist club. Culture yourself and join one.

    1. N says:

      is that all you take from this?

  3. Ian says:

    I don’t think you understand the definition of culture bud. Yes, I don’t agree with some of these rules, but whoever thinks getting drunk and going to a high school basket-ball game is “culture”, should go back to high school themselves.

    1. tuna says:

      thank you sir.

    2. m00ne says:

      Ian, we have our own definition of culture! If you’d like to read our “lingo” page that is one of the main headings you can learn more about it! Have a great week Ian!!

      1. mike says:

        Ian, why even read these articles. Anyone can create a blog of stupidity! IDK HOW I GOT DRAGGED IN!

  4. - says:

    For a high school not to support drinking culture for underage students is absolutely fine, if not necessary for safety purposes. Riding in limos and party busses to prom, although fun, is not the end of the fucking world and also reflects the incredible income inequality that North has. Not everybody can afford that, and it does have the negative effect of “only poor kids on the bus”.
    As an Anthropology major, I don’t think you actually have any idea what constitutes culture.

    1. chiefffff says:

      Not everyone can afford a to drive a car to school. Should they outlaw those also so kids don’t feel left out?

      1. zzzzzzzzz says:

        Can you YOU afford to drive a car to school….? or are you’re parents driving you to school and or did they buy you a car? If they bought you a car or drive you to school then you are actually one of the people that can’t afford to drive to school yourself.

        So if you can afford all the stuff on your own, don’t make people that can’t afford something feel bad just because you can get it handed to you.

      2. chiefffff says:

        Sure lets ban jewelry and hand bags too. Better yet- lets ban good looking girls from wearing yoga pants so the fat chicks feel better about themselves. Keep feeling bad for yourself and see if anyone in life cares. Cant cry on jen price’s shoulder forever

  5. . says:

    Breathalyzers don’t constitute “culture”. If you want to take that up with the United States government, go ahead — I see nothing wrong with the school covering their ass so they don’t have to be responsible for underage drinking at school-sponsored events. God forbid you not drink on school property. As you do not sound old enough to be legally drinking, perhaps you should save your commentary until you can actually buy a beer.

    As for limos, prom proposals and whatever — I’m so glad you want to be part of the NNHS 1% and to flaunt it over others. Not everyone can afford a limo to prom; not everyone gets a prom proposal (whatever that is).

    1. m00ne says:

      If I have the ability to have a fun time, I am not going to stop because someone’s feelings may indirectly be hurt. That’s the real world. Newton is a bubble that shelters its students. They are in for a shock when they graduate.

      And our definition of culture is more of an inside joke. Hence, your comment is very bad culture.

      This was more than a list of grievances meant for fun than a legal analysis meant to find a solution. But thanks for commenting!

      1. . says:

        “If I have the ability to have a fun time, I am not going to stop because someone’s feelings may indirectly be hurt.” Well said, buddy. I think that’s also what drunk drivers think before they get behind the wheel. I will agree that Newton is a bubble though, and that sucks. But if the school administration can do one more thing to make lower-income students not feel marginalized, than I’m all for it. They have enough shit to deal with.

        Oh, I see, the use of “culture” is an inside joke. You got me, dude. Hilarious. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize this was the Onion before I read this article. This was actually a profound, satirical piece. You should submit it to the New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs section.

      2. m00ne says:

        Your first comment about drunk driving is not worthy of an argument. I’d rather see the lower-income students do something for themselves than have the administration fix their problems for them.

        Sorry our humor doesn’t live up to your expectations. Enjoy the New Yorker Shouts & Murmurs section.

      3. mike says:

        ALL THE WRITERS TRY AND BACK UP THEIR PEIR COWORKERS BECAUSE THEY FEAR THIS UBSURD BLOG WILL END. Cheif and Moone. Mush, focus on school, for this blog will do nothing for you but hurt your reputation. I already look down on all of you guys more!!!!!!! – not that you care but still.

      4. gggttt says:

        Yeah but come on, dude, you havent actually graduated. What graduate would make a whole website just for reminiscing about how High School used to be?

  6. 010 says:

    When I think back on my experience at North, I remember sitting for hours on Main Street and visiting all my friends in their different colored locker spots. I remember sneaking on to the roof of the school at night through the courtyard windows. I remember forging notes at least once a week to give to the secretary when I was late and getting away with it every goddamn time. I remember stealing alcohol from liquor cabinets and drinking beers in basements and random houses every weekend. I remember skinny dipping in Crystal Lake. I remember smoking on playgrounds because where the fuck else would you go to in Newton? I remember sprinting from Newtonville back to class during free periods. I remember parties, scavenger hunts, and trips organized by MY class of students. I remember running away from police and just cruising around Newton till 3am. I remember driving to the beach to watch the sun rise. I remember walking barefoot around my neighborhood barefoot and tipsy and never getting mugged or feeling in danger at all (that will end in college).

    Prom and basketball games are great but if you do high school right.. they’re not the most important memories.

    If “culture” to you is getting drunk and leading 6th man, do it.

    Side note, Newton North has challenged me academically and prepared my classmates and I extraordinarily well for college. But that doesn’t seem important to you..

    Tell your sister to go make some memories and stop getting caught up with these rules.

    1. m00ne says:

      Perhaps the title was a bit hyperbolic.. That’s great you had a fun time, but this post was meant to show the changes in the administration and general culture of Newton that has made it OVERLY-protective. Meaning, they have done more than just cover their asses, but are trying to dictate how the students should live.

      Newton has prepared me very well academically for college. Yes, that is important for all of us at TMC and we are grateful that our parents chose to send us to such a good school system. I had fond memories of most of the things listed, and don’t want future classes missing out.

      Walk thru the old school and see if you have the same feelings as walking down main street.

  7. S says:

    While I do think the promposal and 6th man rules are ridiculous, what is wrong with the school making sure kids aren’t coming on to school property totally belligerent? Nothing too serious has happened with it in the past who knows what could happen in the future? North still has plenty more culture than most other schools, just look at our theater and sports programs, not to mention the incredibly open-minded and intelligent student body. Not everything in high school is about getting drunk at prom and its sad you think that constitutes as culture

  8. zzzzzzzzz says:

    Umm…who goes to HIGH SCHOOL games drunk…….Who would think that is “cool”? High school sports aren’t even that big and you’ll realize how insignificant they are after you graduate.

    As a graduate of Newton schools, most of these things are for safety sure the prom thing is absurd because that is a high school tradition and the fights but if the things that are there to make you safe is inconvenience that’s your fault for being caught up into that stuff. Would you want someone driving drunk and getting hurt or hurting others..? Kids don’t understand the consequences that can happen without rules until something bad happens.

    Make fun memories that you’ll remember. Stop drinking, you’ll have enough time for that when you’re older and these rules won’t ruin your fun. Just enjoy your young life before you actually face the real world.

  9. ThatThrashMetalGuy says:

    Class of 2013 here, spent Freshman year in the old building, new sterile building the rest of the way. While I do think that some of these restrictions are a bit over the top, (IE promposal, 6th man.) “lack of culture” is insane. Drinking at basketball games aint culture. Neither is taking a limo to prom. I guess I’m piggybacking on a lot of other peoples’ points here, but culture at North is thriving. Take a friggin’ look a Theatre Ink for once. I guess that’s all I have to say. North wasn’t the greatest, but definitely wasn’t lacking for culture.

  10. . says:

    This kinda shit has been going on for years. Once you get out of Newton, you realize how warped the school is, never mind the whole fucking town. Good riddance.

  11. CLa$$yyY says:

    Dear Newton North Faculty and Parents,

    As recent graduates of Newton high schools we are extremely amused at how this article has quietly crept through your dog doors and touched your cultures in such a profound way that would make you slam our friends for stating the obvious. To those who think drinking is not a part of culture, we, as world travelers have found that drinking (along with sandwiches and tobacco), is part of almost every culture on the face on the earth, excluding some of the Islamic world, of course, but they don’t seem to like us very much anyway.

    For those above comments who disagree with the author’s definition of culture (we’re looking at you mr/ms hot stuff anthropology major), and don’t seem to think that drinking is or should be part of a high school, or adolescent, culture, you are certainly entitled to your opinions. However we do not care about such opinions because we are busy funneling Johnnie Walker Black Label (noice).

    Really though you don’t seem to care about the bubble you’re creating, These kids are happy to take advantage of all the amazing things Newton has: amazing schools, arts, culinary, theatre programs these things make your children cultured and worldly far beyond kids in other neighborhoods. They also need room to play, to have fun, to rebel, to make mistakes and learn from them. Eliminating these options with such strict policies is going to create a whole neighborhood of extremely stressed out adolescents with suppressed hormones that they will someday use to destroy America.

    And to the person above suggesting that the author join a feminist club, we do not think the author is implying that he does not like women, but rather that the upper-class, white, suburban Newton feminist is probably the most annoying person in the world (this is coming from a gender studies minor at probably New York City’s most liberal school). The author is most likely a “womanist” who loves all women, rather then the Newton “feminist” who confides his/her beliefs to a certain select class of women, that only a small portion of the world’s females can take part of.

    Yours Truly,

  12. dan wolfson says:

    So, someone is whining about how underage kids want to drink during school hosted events and basketball games. How childish. Simple solution: drinking is a part of culture but not a part of academics and shoulnd’t even be negotiable. The prom thing is a bit unreasonable but at the same time, I’m sure if someone were non-compliant and decided to ask someone to prom, the teachers would turn a blind eye, but then again if people are willingly non-compliant they shouldn’t be going to something as complacent as High School Prom anyways, no?

    and the fighting one, well, that’s obvious, if someone is fighting and you fight back, yeah, you’ll get suspended, they have never allowed fighting at schools…
    and if your really feel strongly enough to fight back, fuck it, get suspended. Who cares?

    I don’t understand how this has anything to actually do with culture, sounds like a whiny teenager wants to get drunk and fight people.

  13. Go Away says:

    Okay, some of these points are valid, but have nothing to do with culture. Yeah, it’s a bit over the top that you will get suspended for defending yourself in a fight. However, I think it’s totally legit that they breathalyze kids before basket ball games; obviously the school can’t condone underage drinking, especially on school property. I also remember i had to take one of those busses to prom, but I understand why. It’s cheaper for the students because they don’t have to rent a limo and no one is left out because they cant afford one. Plus, so many people drink and drive on prom night, a bus is simply a safe alternative. Newton North has awesome programs and really good teachers. Yeah, the school system isn’t perfect. This article has nothing to do with culture, just rules that the students have to follow and don’t want to. But guess what? it’s fucking high school, i promise you will all forget about it if you give it a year or so.

  14. Don't Asest Me, Bro says:

    I went to Newton schools for thirteen hellacious years and I’m ticked to see that the administration is getting more and more overbearing as the years go by. No school competitions because we don’t want anyone feeling like a “loser”? Fine. No valedictorians or class ranks, no prom kings and queens? Fine. In an attempt to make sure everyone feel included, we’ve robbed kids of their ability to feel special. If a guy cares enough about a girl to orchestrate an elaborate “prom-posal” or whatever, why not just let it happen? If kids want to chip in to pay for a limo to the prom, why force them to take the bus? I don’t see a point to these rules. I didn’t look at the girls who got asked to prom or the kids who took party buses and think, “wow, it really sucks that I don’t have as much as them”–I shrugged it off as something that was nice for them and got on with my own life.

    Trying to equalize the student body isn’t going to work. In the real world, there are haves and have-nots. Making rules to pretend like inequalities don’t exist isn’t going to work. How about this: we address inequalities and remind people that even though they aren’t the same as their neighbor, they still have merits. I think Theatre Ink did this really well. I was never the star of any show, but I always felt appreciated for what I did have to contribute. We are not all going to be stars, but we all have a lot to offer.

    In regards to the drinking thing, I never drank in high school and I always felt as if my friends and I were being punished for something we didn’t do when the authorities started cracking down on the breathalyzing. To be fair, they’re trying to keep kids safe, but Mikey said it best himself–let parents raise their kids. My folks always said that setting stifling restrictions was the one way to ensure rebellion. Look at the Promise to Adam. They don’t deny that kids are going to go out and drink and get silly. They just ask that they do so responsibly. Unless a kid is getting sick all over the place, engaging in dangerous or aggressive behaviors, who cares if he gets buzzed before a game or a school dance? Come on. Furthermore, 6th Man was one of my fondest NNHS memories, and the more the administration gets involved, the less students are going to care.

    In sum, I’m so glad I got out of this f’ed-up school system before it went straight to hell. I’d give my left tit to take a stroll down Main Street again.

    1. Frank says:

      “To be fair, they’re trying to keep kids safe, but Mikey said it best himself–let parents raise their kids. ” Not when you’re on public school property, which is government property. The government cannot simply look the other way when students are breaking federal law on their grounds. “Who cares if someone gets buzzed” – well if that student then gets in a car and kills himself and 5 others, then I think you’d immediately have a lot of people who cared. Last time I checked the public school system isn’t interested in being held legally liable for the deaths of students because they didn’t want to enforce the law.

  15. Frank says:

    Basketball games are held on school property, and it being a public school, that means that the State of Massachusetts is held liable for any illegal activity that takes place of school grounds. That means that the STATE GOVERNMENT, being the state government, is bound BY LAW to ENFORCE THE LAW. Given the recent proven and demonstrated track record of Newton North students drinking at these games, NOT breathalyzing students upon entry would be classified as “willfully negligent.” This means that if ANY harm came to a student – for example, drunk driving after a game – then the state of Massachusetts and the public school itself would be held liable for a potential DEATH. Sorry to rain on your FUN CULTURE guys.

    1. . says:

      Aaaaaand there it is. Right on cue, we have our typical Newtonian armchair attorney.

      Can’t wait for the next illustrious comment from a resident ultra-hip socialist or one of North’s finest 17 year old psychologists.

      1. Frank says:

        1) I’m from DC 2) I am an attorney.

    2. m00ne says:


      1. Frank says:


  16. newton is so sheltered it hurts says:

    bunch of pussy ass liberals is all i got to say

  17. N says:

    I’m a senior high school student here and well..
    First of all, I don’t think culture is really the word you’re looking for at all which distracts me from the content of this article in general.
    I don’t really know what you’re talking about in the first rule, so I’ll focus on the others.
    I think these are all incredibly reasonable. The ones related to alcohol especially. You have no idea how many dumbass kids want to drink and drive. Those who are easily angered/saddened or incredibly loud when drunk could easily disrupt or cause upset at a school event, on school grounds. I think it’s very sensible to breathalyze kids. Usually it’s not hard to tell who’s under the influence, but even so random breathalyzing at school functions such as dances is fairly common nowadays. If you’re caught drinking underage, that’s only your fault. If you wanna drink whatever but going to a school event like that is kinda asking for it.
    As far as the kids having to take a bus to prom, yeah that’s a bummer. But once again this could easily be related to concern for underage drinking or “pre-gaming” etc etc. It also helps ensure the safe travel of teens to avoid accidents and incidents of drunk driving.
    Opinions on underage drinking are irrelevant – not wanting a bunch of drunk kids on school property is entirely reasonable. Also I’m sure the school doesn’t want liability or a bad reputation for any dumb shit that occurs as a result.
    As for promposals – I think it’s a shame that they won’t allow any at school next year, so I do agree with you on that point. But the informing the school ahead of time seems like a solid idea – don’t want angry teachers, kids in trouble for cutting/disrupting class, clogged hallways, etc. I think they should just continue with that.
    Six is a really annoying rule but man you haven’t heard of this before? I’ve been to several schools and all have mentioned this is general rules or bullying seminars. It may be dumb and I’m sure it’s fucked over some innocent kids, but it’s standard and your dismay about it should not be directed toward the school.
    Mmmm I think that’s all I have to say on the matter!
    I know that some of these rules may suck the fun out of events, but most of them are reasonable if you consider laws, liability, and safety.
    Good day!

    1. m00ne says:

      If we don’t “direct our dismay” towards the school, who do we direct it to? The system? I’d rather put pressure on our administrators to find a better solution to the problem; to not be another sheep in a conforming society where they are scared to stick out and be different. I understand the liability issues, but it’s interesting that 10 years ago the same liability issues were treated much more lenient in terms of student freedom. Newton is great and is a great place to learn, but only if you do it in the way that the school dictates.. Also, the point about fan buses actually preventing drunk driving is 100% spot on. This makes it clear that the administration is not worried about students drinking and safety, but only about covering their own asses. They’ll never tell you that.

  18. dave says:

    rules are meant to be broken and rules are guide lines. if you dont like them then dont attend the events that they hold. i was class of 2003 high school was a small 4 years of my life. its a half ass stepping stone of what life is. so all the little shits that cant handle the rules just wait until its over.

    but also keep in mind that these rules get made cause some dip shit parent cant manage the life or kids life so they get the school involved.

  19. James MacKenzie says:

    This is so gross. Why are people crying about this article? The author is pointing out new rules being enforced that are not necessary and the cultural changes that are taking place at our alma mater. The rules are over the top. SIMPLE.

  20. Homeroom Sesh says:

    Every year I was at North ’01-’05, they changed a rule that had been a tradition for years, whether it was not allowing students to sit on Main St during free blocks or not being able to write your own excuse notes when you turned 18. I’ve also heard stories from older alumni about the student parking lot being a keg party as well as the 5th floor yellow stairwell being the spot where people got high. I’m not saying that’s acceptable activity for school grounds, but it’s a far cry from where NNHS is now. I’m pretty sure NNHS students from the 70s, 80s and 90s didn’t turn out any worse than the students now. The culture has definitely changed at North over the years. I feel for these kids who are getting less and less freedom. I’m not even going to get into these new rules like not being able to take a limo to prom. They took the policy of not allowing a prom King and Queen to the extreme. No one is better than anyone else at NNHS, just like the real world.

  21. Homeroom Sesh says:

    Everyone commenting on this saying, “It’s only high school get over it!” Or using the words “law” and “liability,” you are the worst.

  22. Yessirr says:


  23. gatorshane says:

    So funny that all of you guys that aren’t even familiar with the dynamics of Newton North are commenting on the “culture” of the vicinity. Culture is an ambiguous term and unless you’ve spent time around people from Newton using the term “culture” then you are rather ignorant to how we articulate the term. If you think that when we use the word culture and we are referring to the Mirriam Webster dictionary, then pull the stick out of your ass and gain a sense of humor because we use the term in a colloquial sense. Being a graduate of Newton North in 2011, I can say that the social climate changed significantly from when I was in the old building. The student body is different, there’s not a sense of free speech because of the newfound sense of feminism and reverse discrimination that pervades Newton culture today. I’m not trying to offend anyone here but two wrongs don’t make a right. There was sort of a power struggle between students and authority when I was in the new building, compared to a sense of unity between everyone when I was in the old building.

  24. Booze is not the problem, people are says:

    It seems that the root of a lot of people’s grievances is the author’s focus on stereotypical high school activities such as drinking and 6th man, implying they are the core of the Newton North experience. You’re offended that more refined activities, such as theatre and academics, were not discussed.
    This is not an article about what experiences are most valuable to high schoolers, it’s a response to these new rules. The rules are about drinking, therefore the article is about drinking.
    As to these legal arguments, it doesn’t make any sense to me that the school would be responsible for a drunk driving death simply for hosting a game. They did not provide the alcohol, they do not allow you to drink at the games. By this logic, any crime committed on public property is the responsibility of the government, and any action not taken to prevent said crime can be considered “willful negligence.” What if I murder someone at city hall? Is the state responsible for not having an anti-City Hall murdering taskforce?How far does the state responsibility extend? What if someone gets drunk at a bar and drives home? As long as we’re discounting personal responsibility and blaiming organizations, aren’t bars more responsible since they provide the alcohol? Do they have to police their parking lots looking for drunk patrons? This argument seems very inconsistent. Please cite legal text if you’re going to make that argument.
    Lastly, everyone arguing “this is the law, you must follow it!” misses the point entirely. The absurdity of the drinking age in this country is self-evident. It’s like an inside joke. Have you ever met someone who doesn’t drink before 21? Who feels protected knowing that cops are arresting teenagers all over the country for the crime of sipping a beverage? There are plenty of countries with far lower or even nonexistent drinking ages that do not have higher incidences of alcohol related issues.
    Obviously, drunk driving is extremely dangerous and should be punished accordingly. Drunk assholes being obnoxious and getting into fights is a problem and should be punished, but is criminalizing an entire sect of society for engaging in a behavior that is more often than not safe the solution? Is treating people like children, drafting blanket legislation, and jailing them for taking personal risks productive? Breathalyzers might save a few lives, but they’ll also create a resentful, distrustful student body, and bust a shitload of kids who were just having some innocent fun. Programs such as “A Promise to Adam,” that educate without judging, and strive to enlighten rather than punish, will save lives. If you treat people like children, that’s how they’ll react. If you make a rule, they will rebel. If you treat them with respect you’ll get a response.

  25. CTA says:

    “White suburban culture”
    No judgment, even though a lot of these rules affect a small portion of the student population. I agree for only ONE reason…my little brother is a soon to be freshman my parents know about underage drinking and with that they have taught ways of being safe in certain situations. Numbers and multiple studies show ADULTS have violent tendencies when drunk, ADULTS get in accidents and some cases an innocent person is killed. So back to my point if my brother is drunk or not and he does the “right” thing and does not get in a car with a friend or act biligerent at a School funded event for PRETEENS and YOUNG ADULTS. I don’t think I would handle the greif of his death from a drunk driver let alone peer. Or be emotionally stable to make a rational choice on how to handle him being assulted by a fellow drunk classmate. Him being the baby of our family, I’m pretty sure my brothers and I would be in rage not only at the school, city, but also the families evolved. And that’s a Sober fact…. Let’s be honest there’s levels to this shit and majority of HS students race, class, gender, sexual preference aside. Aren’t ready!!!!!! Most likely the classes prior mine include have contributed to why some of these rules are in place, we weren’t ready!

  26. Grammarpolice says:

    This shit would have never happened at south. Call me a snoil but at least our students aren’t pussies.

    1. Grammarpolice says:

      lol Im kidding of course, just a simple case of pussification of ‘merca. If a someone is getting seven shades of shit beat out of them, I’m just going to keep my hands behind my back and wait for my mom to show up. Because that’s how the world operates if you leave Newton and get into a fight, play possum.

  27. Mike Bennington says:

    A couple of things:
    A) Its a public school. They’re not going to turn a blind eye on drinking. They’d be legally at fault if something went wrong (Adam London cough cough) and would otherwise be left open to snobby newton parents complaining. The human brain isn’t done developing until roughly age 23, teenagers physically aren’t capable of drinking as responsibly as adults. The drinking age might be too steep, but a public school isn’t a bar. Its a fucking school.
    B) 6th man antics are really bad PR for North. We’re loud, drunk assholes, and make it completely about ourselves, which is rude to the team and to the parents. I loved it with all my heart, but again its a public school. A school. Its a fucking school.
    C) Obviously the prom thing is a little much, but its no different than the old North. We didn’t have valedictorians or A+’s for the same reason, that North is building a culture that doesn’t only single out the extraordinary and exemplary. Maybe someone who is offended or saddened by someone else’s prom invite should just calm the fuck down, but this isn’t anything new for north. And if I remember, ever since EC threw up on Mrs. Berg, limos and pvt transportation to prom has been in question. Most schools have much stricter policies anyways.
    D) Solving violence with violence isn’t something a school should permit. Kids are filthy liars, and it seems like a pretty standard SCHOOL policy.

    Overall, North just spent hundreds of millions of dollars updating itself. Yes, they are changing rules, but its because they’re setting a precedent as premier public high school experience. Fun in school should be about finding fun in education, its a school, not a mall or a bar.
    I think you should just shut the fuck up and be thankful you got a world class education. Do you think you would be qualified to write a blog if North hadn’t helped you become a great writer? Fuck you.

    1. Comment under a real name and stop being a coward. You need a mask to voice your opinion, so you’re worthless. Never degrade Adam London’s name again.

  28. Shmool says:

    So… it seems like there are some valid points in the initial post, and lots of valid counter-points in the comments, which, for the most part, have not been acknowledged by the author. In general, yes, it is sad to see your high school change so much. I think the biggest change in culture is the new school and the loss of main street. But we kind of needed a new school– whether we like it or not, its Newton. Meaning, we can’t have a dump for a school. Maybe we didn’t need to spend SO much on a new school, but we needed it. Its too bad there wasn’t a main street equivalent, but hey that’s life. Also, these gradual changes in rules have been happening since before we were born, and they will continue to happen. Sometimes it seems ridiculous (because it is), and sometimes its for the best. But these changes are occurring nationwide. The faculty at North when I was around seemed perfectly happy to let us have fun and sometimes push the envelope as long as we were safe, respectful, and a positive contribution to the community. But it is their JOB to keep us safe, and to cover their own asses. This is how they make a living. We’re just spoiled Newton kids, complaining about rules (I’ll speak for myself, because I consider myself spoiled, and I complain…and I think most people in this conversation are the exact same way).

    Everyone I know loved their high school experience. In the big picture, complaints about rules getting stricter didn’t really matter. We still got away with a ton of sketchy shit, and that’s not even necessarily a good thing. If my children are lucky enough to grow up in Newton, I hope there will be strict rules about drinking before sports games or prom. If its between being safe and having fun, safety should come first.

    I don’t think whoever “Mike Bennington” is (2 comments up), was degrading Adam London’s name at all. The point is that when you aren’t safe with alcohol, there are terrible consequences. Adam’s death represented a larger “culture” where we thought we were invincible. That’s right, I have driven drunk before, and I know plenty of people who have too. If the addition of some rules can even START to curb this pervasive drinking culture, it is for the best. Plus, everyone who signed the Adam London pledge should agree that safety should come first. There’s no way they can stop high school students from drinking at all, but it is a moral imperative to enact rules which increase our safety (not to mention their legal obligation).

    Finally, the Limo thing… whatever. As Americans we expect that our prom will involve a Limo, so taking that away seems cruel, but really its totally valid. First of all, its just an unnecessary cost. You just sit there on the seats feeling like a boss for a second, and you can take a picture with the Limo, and that’s all there is to it. When I was in high school, our grade was a family, and I would have willingly accepted a rule that said we should all go to prom together on a bus. Why make it into a cliquey social thing? It just adds to social exclusion. Plus, if you really feel like you can’t afford it, it is pretty embarrassing to have to abandon your friend group and go alone.

    Some people may see this as a loose connection, but I think the social exclusion thing is really important. Lets talk about the three recent Newton suicides. I’m not saying taking a bus to prom would have prevented that, but there is clearly a “culture” developing where some people don’t feel like they fit in. Prom is already a stressful time for people because they have to find dates and dress up and have membership of some friend group. You can’t accept taking a bus to prom for the good of the grade? The suicides are just the tragic culmination of social exclusion, but whether you are aware of it or not, people in every graduating class have suffered from exclusion in some way. As far as I know, North has a pretty good track record for inclusion, acceptance, and anti-bullying. It doesn’t mean there can’t be more done.

    Finally, to the author. I see that your blog is jokey, and that sometimes you try to make it more serious (like this post). Clearly some people don’t understand the difference, so be patient with people. Likewise, people commenting should read other TouchMyCulture posts to get a sense of the style of humor being attempted. Whether you intended or not, this post has created a very serious conversation. We all come from different backgrounds and whatnot, but if there is going to be an argument, we might as well make it productive. Just try to see each others’ arguments. I encourage everyone involved to remain civil in how we talk to each other. Its a lot more complex that rules vs. freedom, liberal vs. conservative, and culture vs. no-culture.

  29. Derek says:

    This article really made me really angry. Not the article but what my former high school has done. I KNOW that this is work of Mr. Aronson and Ms. Stauss. When I was growing up I lived in Oak Hill Park. In 8th grade my family decided to move to newton corner, and from there I had a choice on which schools I wanted to attend. My options were newton South, Newton north and Rivers (I’d kill myself <<) I barely knew anybody at Newton North besides a few kids I knew from lacrosse and randomly seeing them in Newton Centre or whatever, irregardless. My sole decision on picking Newton north was the culture. Sports had a wee bit to do with my decision also. North was culture. I remember Step – Up Day in 8th grade the only students from oak hill was my friend Leah and I. I remember walking down Main Street and saying this is where I belong! And it was. I couldn't imagine going to south or lame rivers. These rules are nuts. I led sixth man with one of my good friends Scott and if you know us you know we ain't writing no paper and getting approval. We were selected by our peers. And if someone wanted to do something at a game I would most certainly let them. When I was a freshman there was a fight every week. From main street brawls between mushes to Brookline kids getting fucked up at a game. Buses to games were so we didn''t drive drunk, right? 4 years ago if you tested fans for alcohol at the door, there wouldn't be any fans! Not only seniors, the whole damn school! I was optimistic and telling everyone younger me that the new school was gonna be sick but nobody has said anything positive about it. No main street, no red blue purple and the tree, no library steps, no Hull Street bangas, NO DAVE MOSCA. It may not be bad and I'll never know first – hand but it just seems that they're trying to it into Newton South which will NEVER happen because north kids just have culture to begin with! The school still has culture if Kane, Mazzola mush, Larry Allen, Ms. Purdy, O'Neil, McKinney, Marzilli, Tommy D, Stalo, Connolly, Drakos, Giusti, Procopio mush, Mr Carpenter and Mr Patelis are all still there cause they all have outrageous amounts of culture!

    1. Homeroom sesh says:

      What happened to Dave Mosca? That guy was the man.

  30. Simon says:

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  33. Daze says:

    this sounds like it was written by someone whose car is absolutely plastered with minions bumper stickers

    1. This comment sounds like it was written by someone who is not very funny.

  34. John Doe says:

    This is stupid. Nothing to do with ‘culture.’ Btw, the new building (which is amazing) as fuck all reason to do with the damn ‘culture.’ Plus, don’t write an article on something you have 0 info on. All I see is your sister coming home and bitching. People complain more than they do appreciate verbally anyways.

  35. P says:

    This page is a joke, you sound like a whiney bitch. You have no idea how good you have it there now. When I went there it was a prison, with plenty of alcohol and weed everywhere, outrageous bullying and fights…. Just saying, it was a Hell Hole, (seriously , it was designed by a guy who designs prisons – depressing AF) so don’t think it was better before……

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