Victorian Art Coming to TMC

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At TMC, we always try to expand, expose, and examine new culture. We all have different networks of friends, with different abilities and talents. We have expanded your average athlete culture with the knowledge of BananaCognac. We have expanded your photography culture with the beautiful work of nbirnbaum. And we have expanded your art history culture with the insight from MonaLinda.

Now, I want to introduce VictorianArt. Victoria has been one of my best friends throughout college, and she has a talent I can only dream of. She is an amazing artist, and wants to expose her culture to the TMC world. Victoria will draw/paint an image that will accompany the Cultural Figure of the Week every week.

Victoria will also have an archives page, with all of her work. She can draw exact replicas of any cultural figure in the world, and can paint an impressionist painting that will make Van Gogh sew his ear back on.

Check out all her work here: Victorian Art 

Instagram : VictoriaDo 




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