How to Buy Democracy


The Supreme Court has ruled (5-4 decision) to allow an individual the ability to spend unlimited amount of money in any election season. This does not mean that a person can donate unlimited money to one single candidate, as that limit is still held at $5,200. This ruling simply makes it legal to donate to practically every election that is going on in our country.

Really, it’s just an affirmation of Citizens United vs. Federal Election Committee, which ruled that corporations should have some rights that are usually only given to private citizens.. It gives corporations a voice in our democracy.

Since the average corporation has far more money than the average American, it really is giving corporate america a louder voice. Since many American corporations are funded by foreign sources, were really giving Chinese, Russian, UK businessmen a louder voice in our democracy than our own citizens.

To me, the connection between spending money and freedom of speech seems flimsy at best. I’m no law student, however, the best law students are definitely being paid by the corporations to argue the exact opposite of what I think.


Corporations > Average American..

That’s the equation that the supreme court just affirmed.

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