Cultural Figure of the Week: Che Guevara


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Victorian Art

Ernesto “Che” Guevara was one of the most brilliant revolutionary minds of the last century. At least, he was before the CIA killed him in 1967.

Raised in the middle class of Argentinian Society, Che studied medicine  until he began a trip that led him throughout all of South America. On his trip, he witnessed the poverty, disease and hunger that had stricken his people. He accredited what he saw to the capitalist exploitation led by the United States. This experience, famously documented in the movie The Motorcycle Diaries, transformed him. He decided he wanted to do something about it.

He unsuccessfully worked to overthrow a Guatemalan dictator (who was backed by the US), and was relatively frustrated until he met a young Fidel Castro in Mexico City. Together, they led the Cuban Revolution in 1959, a romanticized endeavor that terrified Western Society and gave hope to many impoverished people of Latin America.

He left Cuba to help his people foment a revolution in Bolivia, but was captured by the CIA and killed. However, he still is a emblem of socialism and hope for many in South America. He is not shunned as an evil character, as he is by many in the US, but embraced by many political parties who see him as a symbol of what they want their societies to look like.

Che did not like America. He certainly did not represent American ideals. But he was a good man, and he thought differently. And that’s Culture.


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