2014 March Fatness Elite “Ate” Reader Vote


It’s coming down to the finish. There were some excellent battles in the Sweet 16:

In the Jared From Subway Region 

#1 Thanksgiving leftovers dominated # 4 Mac and Cheese

#2 Cookies and milk edged out #6 Bagel and Cream Cheese by 3 votes

In the John Goodman Region

#4 Italian Sub upsets the #1 Cereal by 2 votes

#10 Clementines squeek by the higher seed #3 Cheeseburger by 2 votes

In the Jonah Hill Region 

#1 Chinese crushes #12 Taquitos by 8 votes

#6 Burritos dominates #2 PB & J by 9 votes

In the Mario Bitali Region 

#1 Pizza kills #5 French Toast by 13 votes

#2 Bacon Cheeseburger Sub handles #6 Banana Bread by 10 votes

But now we are one step closer to determining the top Munchie Food of 2014. The Elite “Ate” is here, and we need you to vote!

Jared From Subway Region Elite “Ate” Matchup 

John Goodman Region Elite “Ate” Matchup 

Jonah Hill Region Elite “Ate” Matchup 

Mario Bitali Region Elite “Ate” Matchup 

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