Top 10 Ways to Start a Conversation With the Girl Next to You In Class

1) “Will you help me write a blog post about top 10 ways to start a conversation with the girl next to you in class?” 

-Works every time

2) “Do you have an extra pen? I had a huge pre-med exam yesterday and left mine there.”

-Wait till you see her face light up when you say the words “pre med”

3) Rip a corner of a piece a paper, then say “I know this seems typical…but my new puppy actually ate my homework”

-Man’s best friend always gets the girl

4) “Is this professor a Charles/Linda or what?!?!” 

-Bonding over the charlesness/lindacity of a person creates relationships

5) “Would you like to zoot after class one day?” 

-The power of the zoot brings people together

6) “Accidentally” press play on your phone with Van Morrison “Into The Mystic” playing, then say “Wow thats so embarassing…hope you don’t think I am a nerd for liking Van Morrison” 

-Shows you’re cultured. Van Morrison is a panty dropper.

7) “I’ve always heard that a good way to get through a bad class is by making friends with the girl next to you. Hi, I’m Tackstyles” 

-Nice, sweet, innocent.**

8) Always have mini Reese’s Cups in your backpack. Offer her one. 

-The only better aphrodisiac than a dog is chocolate.

9) “Is this class for your major or are you just randomly interested in Food Science 101.” 

-Good way to begin the getting to know someone process. Shows you’re interested in her life, not just her burgah.

10) “Hey have you seen that really cool blog You’re gonna love it.”

-Introduce a girl to TMC, and she’ll be touching your culture in no time.


Thanks to Liza for the help (the girl next to me in class)

**Does not guarantee immunity from the Friend Zone

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