Patriots Meeting with Johnny Football and Teddy Bridgewater Today; What It Could Really Mean

Everyone knows the Patriots are set at the Quarterback position for the next 3 years. It pains me to think about the day Tom Brady puts on his jersey for the last time, but we all know he isn’t getting any younger. Bill Belichick is bringing in the arguably top 2 quarterbacks of this upcoming draft class for a scouting visit. With the quarterback uncertainty 3/4 years away, why is Bill doing this now? Does he really think its time to start replacing Tom? We are drafting at 29, does he really think these guys are gonna fall that far? Lets list the possible reasons why Bill brough Johnny Football and Teddy B into Gillette:

1) Bill is picking their brains

-Perhaps Bill thinks Johnny and Teddy are franchise quarterbacks. Maybe he thinks they’ll both be top 5 picks, and starting quarterbacks this upcoming year. Bill is allowed 30 visits with draft prospects, and he could be using these 2 to gain knowledge for the future. Belichick studies so much film, and studies every aspect of a player. He could just be seeing what these players skills and weaknesses are, so he can use this visit against them in future games.


2) Bill is seriously considering drafting a backup

-Ryan Mallet is on the last year of his contract. After this year, the Patriots will not have a solid backup for Tom, in case of injury. Perhaps Bill thinks these guys are undervalued, and may fall to the 29th spot in the draft. If one of these players catches Bill’s eye today, and is still on the board at 29, it will be interesting to see what position Bill decides to address.


3) Bill wants to light a fire under Ryan Mallet’s ass

-Mallet sucked last year. Plain and simple. He did not play that much, but when he did it was ugly. Maybe he is using these guys to send a message to Ryan. Hey Ryan, you better improve this season, because there are plenty of young guys dying to take your spot.

4) Bill wants to party with Jonny Football, and is using Teddy to make it look less conspicuous 

-No one knows what Bill does behind closed doors, and we can only guess what Jonny Football does behind closed doors. Perhaps they have the same interests, and Bill wanted to let loose. Johnny Football can party with the best of em. Bill knows that, and wanted to see if Johnny could keep up with him. He brought in Teddy so no one would ask questions. Classic Bill.


I am hereby starting the petition to bring Johnny Football to Foxboro. Johnny and Gronk on the same team is a TV show…and a Superbowl.

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