If the Koch Brothers are Patriotic, Consider Me Paul Revere

Charles and David Koch run Koch Industries which by and large run the Republican party. These brothers bought out their brothers interests to remain in control of Koch Industries and they tried to buy out the chance of Barack Obama winning the 2012 election, by donating $60 million. These brothers spent more than $20 million in 2008 and $12.3 million in 2009 just on lobbying. Now if lobbyists are being considered patriotic, I need a one way ticket out of this country.

When politicians are bought out through lobbying, they forget the people they are representing, and the forget about their own personal agenda. But as long as these politicians keep getting funded by lobbyists, unfortunately they will remain in in Washington D.C.


It is unfortunate that we hear about politicians who are run by corporate lobbyists but not any politicians who are standing against them. The one story I have heard that is similar to that, is Marty Huggins, and he was in a movie.

The real patriots of this countries, will be the ones who end this streak of ineffectiveness in Washington, D.C. The real patriots are not the big corporations running this country, but all the small business, that when all brought together, become the backbone of this country.  The real patriots are people like Mark Zuckerburg, who does not use Facebook for money, but as a tool to change the way people communicate. Just because these Koch brothers have enough money to run their own political agenda, that does not mean these men are patriots. I would rather hear stories about firefighters, teachers, and other average people who are making our country a better place. Washington D.C, TouchMyCulture wants change in D.C, and we are going to do what we can to help educate each other on how we can change this beautiful country.





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