#MushCrushMonday: Tony Conigliaro


Tony fucking Conigliaro MUSH! Tony C, born in Revere, MA, was a true mush who played for the Boston Red Sox. Tony had high expectations for a hopeful career, but after he was hit in the face, his career was never the same. But what makes Tony a mush, is the fact that somehow he made a dramatic comeback after the injury. Tony was not going to give up, and that’s what mushes are known for, never giving up. At age 19, Tony C was playing for the Sox. He hit 24 home runs, but also broke his arm and toes. At age 22, Tony C was hit in the face. One year and a half later, he came back hitting 20 homers with 82 RBI. Tony won Comeback Player of the Year, but nothing was the same (no Drake reference) after that. He retired with the Sox and will never be forgotten. Congrats Tony C, you are this week’s #MushCrushMonday. Tony C is up in heaven today, with a 6 pack, a hotdog, and his seat reclined, ready for the Sox to start the season on the right foot.

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