Introducing: PotCoin, the Zooter’s Currency

potcoinDispensaries and other legal sellers of marijuana are using PotCoin as currency. BitCoin’s success proved that online currency could be possible. But dispensaries are adopting this currency for good reasons.

Most banks are not accepting money from legal marijuana sales due to the federal laws that are still in affect. Before PotCoin, dispensaries would have to stockpile their money up in whichever unique way they thought was safe. No way is safe enough, a bank sometimes is not even safe enough.

Street criminals found out dispensaries were hiding their cash and they wanted to get their hands on it. Many dispensaries have been broken into, and if it is not bad enough they are going to steal pounds of zoots, they are going to get all the cash too.

Zooters are using these times of technology and social media to their advantage and clearly California’s tax revenue showing their success. As the great Bob Dylan once said, “The Times They Are A-Changin”.

For more on PotCoin:


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