Cultural Figure Of The Week: Shane Smith Co-Founder and CEO of the International Media Company VICE

shane smith

Shane Smith deserves a lot more than just Cultural Figure of the Week. This guy is changing news and is changing it for the best. VICE is a global company operating in 30 countries. They have done stories on North Korea, slavery in Pakistan, Rio’s techniques for reducing crime, the melting of Greenland, and many other worthy stories that nobody else is reporting on. While the major news stations focus on political drama and the Kardashians, VICE is providing the people with worthy information.

Here is how Shane Smith introduces himself on his website profile:

“I’m Shane Smith, co-founder of VICE, a magazine I started in Montreal in 1994 that has since become a global company operating in 30 countries. I also went to North Korea twice, and starred in the VICE Guide to North Korea, which featured footage of my trip. Most recently I went to Liberia, a war-torn country in Africa plagued with heroin dens, teenage prostitution, and even cross-dressing cannibals; and then to the North Korean labor camps hidden in the forests of Siberia.”

This is a man who is clearly trying to change the world. People who do this kind of work are not doing it for the money, they have a purpose and objectives to change this world in the best fashion. Guys like this are helping save our culture by providing buried news.

Hoping to catch up on the previous week’s news? Watch Real Time With Bill Maher on HBO at 10:00pm and VICE follows at 11:00pm, you will learn a lot more than attending 2 college courses. Think you’re too cool to watch news shows on Friday nights? Watch these episodes on demand, HBO GO, or find various VICE episodes and other VICE videos on YouTube. That will get you cultured.

Here are some VICE videos I believe are worth your time:


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