Weird Cultural Story of The Day: Romanian man swallows fork in drunken bet

Weird Cultural Story of The Day:  Romanian man swallows fork in drunken bet

Radin Calincescu, 25, was rushed to the hospital in the city of Bacau, after experiencing intense pain resulting from the dimwitted stunt of swallowing a fucking fork. He complained to doctors that he had an uncomfortable feeling in his oesophagus, but the geach did not tell the doctors that he had swallowed a fork prior to being admitted to the hospital. Doctors were flabbergasted when they checked his x-ray and discovered of unknown object present in his stomach. “I had been drinking and I bet with my friend that I could swallow the fork without getting hurt,” he explained. Calincescu was discharged without undergoing an emergency operation ensuing the doctors advice to wait and see if the fork comes out naturally. “I have to come back in a few days to see if the fork has moved. If it reaches my stomach and looks like it could pierce the lining I will need an operation,” he added. “I realise now it was a very stupid thing to do. I don’t think I will be taking part in any bets for a while.”
Mush, what were you thinking? I’ve had some raunchy nights where i’ve been a huge charles because I was intoxicated, i’ve gambled big money on paper football and even have an ongoing bet with my friend over who will sleep with each other’s ex girlfriend next, but swallowing a fork is on a whole new level when it comes to bets. No wonder the EU was hesitant about granting Romania membership, those mushes are nuts. Next time you have trouble excreting feces because you’ve drank too much milk, think about this guy. Gatorshane reporting on behalf of TMC, stay tuned for more weird culture.

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