March Fatness Bracket Round 2: John Goodman Region


Round two is here, and I’m excited. There were a good amount of upsets in the last round, so we’ll see what John Goodman has in store for us in this second round. He’s a big mush, and big mushes got to eat. Enjoy.

# 1 Cereal vs. #9 Chili

Once again with the starting line up of Reese Puffs, Honey Nut Cheerios, Honey Combs, Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Captain Crunch, there’s just nothing Chili can do. Yeah, they can put in beef or chicken to mix with there sauce and peppahs and onions, but mush, they don’t stand a chance. They got jammed on all game, and cereal prevails once again.


#5 Italian Sub vs. #4 Hot Dogs

I’m sorry to all you wiener loving ladies, but hot dog just stood no chance. They tried ketchup, they tried mustard and even went with relish in desperation, but team hotdog was no match for the Italian sub. The spicy and meaty combo was just too much to handle.


#3 Cheeseburgah vs. # 11 Reese’s

This was easily the best match-up of the round. Reese’s put up a tough fight with their peanut butter and chocolaty goodness. In the end though, the cheeseburgah snuck out a victory and will move on to round three. It was a great match-up but ya know, what beats a burgah?

#10 Clementines vs. #2 Bacon Egg and Charles

Now some people are definitely still a little salty after this loss, but clementines are true warriors. Yes, Bacon Egg and Charles are the better squad….But not today. They were no match for the citrus and vitamin c. Yeah their greasy bacon was a clutch performer, but the tanginess of the clementine was just too much for the Bacon Egg and Charles to handle. Clementines with another upset, Le Pley


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