We Will Save the World

“We are the generation that will save human kind from ourselves. Simply because there is no other option. The science is in. It’s not longer a question of “if”, but a question of “when” the world drastically changes. It might already be too late. Why isn’t this a bigger deal? The sad answer: It’s not economically viable to promote this fact. Who would be making a profit? But it’s no longer debatable; something has to change. We will change. We must. 

I recently met a girl who was raised as an Orthodox Christian. She was raised to believe in strict creationism, to disregard the idea of evolution, to believe that global climate change was a lie. But, in the past year, she was growing unsure of what her parents had taught. Her upbringing is constantly clashing with her peers and friends. And we will win. She knows we will win, simply because we must.

So keep reading about the horrid political corruption and one-minded corporations that are preventing legislature and progress that will save our planet. Think about ways to stop them. Spread awareness. Empathize with future generations who will not have the choices we have now. The choices to save the planet. Empathize with the third world countries already affected by climate-change caused droughts and rising water levels. These people cannot buy there way out, they don’t have a option. We do.”


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