March Fatness Round 2: Jonah Hill Region


#1 Chinese vs. #9 Goldfish 

  • The starting five of Hot and Sour soup, Crab Rangoon, Lo Mein, General Gao’s, and Beef with Broccoli, along with scallion pancakes, boneless spare ribs, and shrmp fried rice coming off the bench, was just too much for Goldfish. Way too much.

#4 Jalapeno Poppers vs. #12 Taquitos 

  • Poppers jumped out to an early lead, but taquitos never let you down. Poppers can be too greasy or just not tasty…taquitos are warm, crunchy, meaty, everytime.

#3 Buffalo Wings vs. #6 Burritos

-Buffalo Wings can get old….burritos have variety. Burritos have many weapons, and even have the spiciness factor that buffalo wings specializes in. Burritos with a narrow victory.

#2 PB & J vs. #10 Nachos 

-The classic, fundamental, PB “makes it look easy” & J just too sound for nachos. The sloppiness of nachos was capitalized on by the pbj, and they ran away with this one.


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