Vince Wilfork Cleans out Locker

Report: Vince Wilfork Clears Out Locker, Rips Off Nameplate At Gillette Stadium


Sad day in New England. The staple of our defense for the past 14 years is no longer. Vince Wilfork has cleaned out his locker, and removed his nameplate from Gillette Stadium. Vince has done so much for this organization, and in return we couldn’t even provide him with an intern to clean out his locker for him? Maybe that’s why he wants out. Or maybe its the pay cut we requested of him…

Regardless of the reason, it appears as if Vince has played his last game in the Pats uniform, and we, the fans, cannot thank him enough for his services the past 14 years. The tenacious teddy bear, as I call him, will always be a Patriot in my heart.

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  1. What a stud of a nose tackle. I hated when my team faced him.

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